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Stimulation. fondle Hao Ran Lee has long been almost limp down Ouyang Rui Yuan, once again made the man so surprised action in the face of the table there are two people talking softly, her passion flirtatious smile, light bite mouth, suddenly a squat, then a sexy lips, latch onto the Li Hao Ran that up as a great general reinforcement. “hissing !” Li Hao Ran just felt an indescribable taste wonderful moments wrapped around his body, warm little mouth, naughty pink tongue, a lick a delivery, a blowing a sip,Christian Louboutin Outlet, look to look to the next Look, Hu Mei, she had thrown a flirtatious, sensuality to the extreme. Hao Ran Lee felt that every sweep around the eyes to spy on their own like the sound of each one seems to have a big point for this very bad thing Mi shocked, slightly crossed his legs, his body violent shaking, a little note that as long as a person. You will find there is a pale purplish red corner edges, as if the onset of typhoid fever, shivering men in general, betrayal and the excitement. Like soaring into that bliss. “Your spunk! here dare nonsense!” spit semen looked quietly on a paper towel to throw women under the table, just before another burst of flame to impulsive man, a strong surge of hearts desire, but Buyiburao mouth whispered. milling around the eyes a few times, he calmly finishing crumpled dress Ouyang great beauty. Alice mouth. Playful wink and said: “! Do not you like ah just put you happy, to say who can see, is not he saw the lady dare call it carefully fist.” paused, a touch of spring to float to her face, Xingmu with spring whispering: “bad,Red Bottom Shoes, boring, oh here we go back and do it people to be sexy new lingerie.!!” “go!” Hao Ran Lee heard great music, and quickly took her to go, but it was stolen music patted Ouyang, pointing to his crotch, looked down. I almost did not embarrassed to find a way to seam drilling, crotch actually did pass, back thought for a moment, this little witch is certainly doing a good thing, almost did not let him fool. “giggle, that you have hurt!” Ouyang Rui Yuan Mei smiled and sexy body twisting ran out, Li Hao Ran quickly pull up the zipper, trailing the line. They was about to leave, a sudden burst of noisy hall, Ouyang Rui Yuan saw the crowd went into an old man just came in, can not help but curiously pulled Li Hao Ran past. “you! Today we are honored to go to the city to party secretary Mr. Gao Pingdan, the success of our times on both foreign trade fairs to do a brief review, talking about this foreign trade fairs will be held, it must be said that High secretary, he was dragged to us on these foreign guests ! ” Hao Ran Lee has not heard anything to say back, the head chaos, no wonder he felt a little familiar,Christian Louboutin Shoes, no wonder he would say so easily help themselves, no wonder he went home, people will have a feeling of being watched in the original He is the newly appointed party secretary, the most powerful man on the city that he himself really blind, how this talent did not go want to. ” you how the” Hao Ran Lee looked pale face that embarrassment, Ouyang Rui Yuan concern asked, suddenly out of the sentence: ” person above you know which one.” Ouyang Rui Yuan wisely saw the reason, just do not know what he is know in the end who will inevitably try to figure out what my heart asked. “do not know!” Hao Ran Lee face a slow, chuckle a bit, her hand holding a soft boneless razed, was about to leave, suddenly found a high plain sharpeyed Lee actually standing below Hao Ran, you see, he turned to leave, are not eagerly shouted out: “!! Li, Li Hao Hao Ran Ran” are the first person on this occasion shouted under one person, we immediately look down his eyes to the ground Hao Ran Lee. This is what he wants to go that could not walk, was secretly regret of why they want to join in this fun. see Li Hao Ran stop, high plain excited to do three steps and two steps Jichong down, squeeze the curious crowd, pulled him. “high t !” helpless smile, Li Hao Ran habitually scratched his head, looked at the face of high excitement dull eyes turned to Ouyang. “your kid, come not let me know.” concern scold the sentence gone to see the blooming Ouyang Rui Yuan, eyes light up, pulled Hao Ran Lee asked softly: “how not to give your girlfriend I introduce myself, too bad my old man not on the table yet ” Ouyang Rui Yuan hear back immediately lovingly sweet smile, hands quietly twist in the ass on Li Hao Ran a hard pinch. Damn, I do not go back and you do not know your ass swollen I powerful. Hao Ran Lee muttered, but also pretended to smile, Ouyang introduced to the high plain. “Haha,. Langcainvmao Yes Yes, it seems that my family is really blind old woman worry about.!” looked pretty cute Ouyang Rui Yuan, high plain happy smile: “Hao Ran, high t to introduce you to a few friends know under, or work on your help. ” “This !” Hao Ran Lee also anxious to bring the child back to doing something pretty people ‘menial’, wanted to refuse, high plain frowned and said: “I was not looking down on the old man, now have come, see meet always be right, you do not like, you can not contact them “He finished and whispered:”! old my face, you do not give it. ” high plain made up his mind to help Li Hao Ran, he knew not need to come forward, as long as Li Hao Ran with their parents seem hot, so a little coaching them again, those people will do the logistics business is wrapped around like flies on him, he is definitely good for, say, and he did not use his powers to embrace business, why not do it, a home that my wife will definitely compliment yourself. General sly old fox high plain, now saw Li Hao Ran nodded yes, can not help but grin. “! high uncle, you guys some things I call” Ouyang Rui Yuan cute sweet smile, and Li Hao Ran said: “Ahao, you spend more time with highuncle.” room looks exude pride when speaking, Hao Ran Lee also did not understand what she meant, see yourself eating limp, she definitely was the first to jump out tits, and now actually take the initiative to leave, not because of those who know and chat is a silly thing to do again, she does not go to this muddy water. Sin, you yourself bear it. cross her, reluctantly accompanied Hing high plain towards the right crowd in the door. really was the first person on both, accompanied wherever he went, where are excited a commotion, when the high plain Hao Ran Lee recommended to those who know it, what are all young people, waves to flatter sound, high plain understatement, Hao Ran Lee inadvertently comes closest to this own nephew in the logistics industry, one of those traders to take naked eye, a picture of a business card with snowflakes flew into the general Hao Ran Lee’s hand, Fox’s fine as they do not see where Hao Ran Lee High secretary position in mind, if you can borrow Hao Ran Lee climbed high on the root branches, both in the future, maybe what will bring surprises. Li Hao Ran just feel all have their own face stiff muscles, looking more battered in the crowd actually cope easily squeezed high plain, looking at his calm face, and my heart can not help but whisper it, he himself followed so unworthily walk, in the end, wrong. Adhere to the principles of its own at this moment is not the collapse of the . Episode thirtyninth chapter misery just waiting for him with a contract signed Yu, Li Hao Ran called the high plain phone. He could not help but marketing manager of American Express Company F, which is the last encounter at the banquet that spray bottle that hype speech, and low purchasing conditions relented. All this come as a surprise, but also come to be expected, no high plain help, or that there is no good nephew he started to talk in front of the phrase, this world fall pie, it is impossible to hit him Li Ran Howe’s head. Zhabei No. 023 port warehouses, a port has been abandoned for a long time, if not for the neighboring city that sits near major transportation ports, it is definitely a high cost of logistics platform. This is also the International Express Group F on the city’s largest port warehouse, but as one was worthless. But that name, surnamed Liu, manager of Bill’s name, but with a pair of glib, capable of living sprayed into the mouth of the dead, touched the hearts of Hao Ran Lee. Conditions cooperation is very simple, F International Express Group may be its entire warehouse located at 023 ports to sell to Li Hao Ran Express Company belongs, which is a wellequipped, with a large reserve of container warehouse facilities, worth billions of dollars, but now only need to spend lots Depreciation 20,000,000 entire disk can be under, while Lee Hao Ran need to do is let the high plain promised to be established at No. 057 F International Express port for leaving a company can build a large set of terminals in operation . Li Hao Ran first refused to agree to this condition of life and death, he was humiliating to ask for help. But Liu Bill dished out a word that is in the dock construction bidding, F International is definitely the strength of the top two companies, they have acquired the rights to build the port, the only need is lots of choice in seeking auspicious He needs to build the canal upstream port, regardless of which company, have no right to choose, and only after both the municipal government will approve the final document passed down to a conclusion. For other businesses it. It is early evening stepbystep thing. But the fight for a trading port logistics company’s reputation, the early step would mean a step ahead. estimate the value of about 023 port warehouse, as Mrs Bill said, in addition to land. 20 million is left in the port warehouse F international processing facilities to price depreciation, of course, for the cloud River Group, although this port has been abandoned, but if an exclusive words. Is value for money, of course, if in the future it Jue land and worthless, and that is pick up a bargain. So Kuankuang venue, is to do a Disneyland are enough. “But 20 million is not a small number!.” high plain calmly watching Hao Ran Lee, cobrow but hidden smile, this kid, doing a little Hutouhunao, and actually did not want to eat a piece of the company to discuss cake. “Hey !” scratching his head, grinning Hao Ran Lee, in fact, his heart knew he came to a high point t is offensive, it is very difficult to think, but the sight of him. I do not know how the opening directly asked, without any embarrassment, this time related to the acquisition of hightert asked him something, he can not tell what they were, only Lengleng giggle. “Let’s put this to say you Aunt Wu Diao chatter several days, you said you had a sister had each other, but they had never met her, angry old woman. injured but I, Hao Ran, when only then That baby sister introduced you to our old couple know. ” high plain changed the subject, Hao Ran Lee also relieved, he also embarrassed to say these things and then go out, they would chat a high plain curled his lip, frowned thoughtfully: “I a little bit of understanding of the logistics industry, to be honest, 023 port is built in the early days, was in the northsouth traffic arteries, but with the reform and expansion of the city’s economy, and its location is not ideal, the old road and narrow river limits its development, but location a bit, is not very satisfactory, although from the neighboring city is relatively recent, but equally, the logistics are not limited to between two cities, once it’s throughput is too small, add transported past the security guarantees necessary travel goods, few people will be there as a port, and even two years ago, the government also removed the other side of the customs ! ” Hao Ran Lee silent heart pulling into a group that he finally get a chance this way, but it is someone else to fool ourselves, 20000000 alas. “But!” high plain tone changed: “Hao Ran, you be honest with me, you is not that there is not opportunities to do things, but I am sorry to leave because owes favors.” concerns facing the elders general inquiry, Hao Ran Lee paused, heavy place nod. High dull silence for a moment, his face revealing a sly smile sinuous, bent over Li Hao Ran ear gently said something, seeing his expression a hi Yi Tan, then hesitated for a moment. “really OK” Hao Ran Lee puzzled still hesitant. “If he is a wise man, it definitely can, but before that, you have to own the company announced that the next thing, no matter how they change, you can be a mission accomplished.” heavily patted thigh, Li Hao Ran resolutely authentic: “That’s a given, but the high t, it would not be difficult for you to!” “this small, I can call the shots!” high plain shook his head, turned his head toward Lee Hao Ran laughed: ” was not that I was a little corruption, work very bureaucratic.” Li Ransuo embarrassed smile: “Of course not!” “Hey, you melancholy eyes betrayed you!” high plain humor suddenly laughed, took a cigarette from the table lit, suck hard, spit faint smoke ring: “three clear prefect, ten Wan snow silver. itself in official circles, with an official letter, you must have the official kind. Sometimes, they would involuntarily do some corrupt thing, I’m high plain though no greed, no bribes, but also have things come to those who seek a face do not talk about that, as long as you know you are not that high t to become corrupt, to help you to do the little things that do not violate the law and discipline, say if you knew Aunt Wu would certainly compliment me, why not do it! ” out Wu aunt, Li Hao Ran much day to suppress strikes in the heart of the depressed about to be swept away, confidently took out the phone, hit the company. really like the high plain expected, Express Company Li Hao Ran down that signed a port located in the suburbs of abandoned warehouses, are shocked difficult Minglike, mixed, one is 20 million price to buy such A largescale cargo warehouse, to maximize ease of storage and a sharp rise in the amount of the company’s businesses and stretched the urgent needs of embarrassment, but after hesitating but really developed after the company, this is obviously a drag on how to handle warehouse, After all, 20 million, and the company’s ports are being built, has invested large sums of money, a comparison was too uneconomical! “Mike,. I know you want to make a contribution, but the company recently is really not so much money has been borrowed 200 million to build the new city, the funds have been stretched to the bank, not to mention ED shareholderowned demolition to build the port warehouse, which 20 million are incompetent and weak we really ah! ” you install it. Li Hao Ran sneer about, Xu Yunhe yourself is good, but in the business fleet may not be a little oil fishy, ​​no interests, he would never do, vaguely, he also estimated modulus of Xu Yun River is seen that they wanted to leave American Express Company, and deliberately set obstacles, these days his own good. But it comes to cloud River Group to take even 20 million are not, it is simply Xiaodiao NPC teeth, just the day before yesterday, and Yunlong also said to himself, our hands are inserted into Europe, investment of more than twenty million This 20 million pairs of them, simply drop in the bucket. But business is business, Xu Yunhe doing nothing wrong. “Xu uncle, you see this all our warehouse rented this piece used temporarily, until after the completion of the company’s own warehousing port, and then passed out.” Xu Yunhe eyes lit up, then sadly typical: “F Express Company who have had contact with me by, do not sell rent, you know, at No. 057 port, everyone is fighting for a place, like investment funds flowing , even though F Express Company is a large international companies, but also weather the money could not eat this stuff, they are wanted cash. But

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Grabbed a bottle of beer, a bottle thumb ‘bang’ slamming the cap Danfei, a bored out half a bottle of wine, at the side of the fifth and gently pushed him under the table, glanced already lying In the table Wei son, a little uncomfortable authentic. “Ahao,Red Bottom Shoes, Betty and Wei son broke up. vice president of her and their development on the company’s good. Wei son out of the bus came back and found Betty bought all his own stuff has come back on the table No matter how great the child ask, she did not wish, and Wei son, and I hear people say the bureau, in fact, have been admitted to the orchid hybrids that house, which he and nurturing up. Wei son had been drinking mad yesterday , put the car up early this morning to sell ! ” Hao Ran Lee sank his face, the heart was severely pulled a handful. Firmly clenched his fists and then feebly Panasonic. “She will not come, she would not come! Are we friends can not it” Wei child suddenly stood up, grabbed the bottle from the wine frantically filling, Hao Ran Lee won his fifth bottle prevents impulse that he put on the cup against Wei son said: “Wei son, brother to accompany you to drink! Today we drink too! ” finished a while to do. I hesitated a moment’s fifth also reach half a bottle of wine and shoved suddenly filling up. Wei child’s eyes flashed a bleak tears, suddenly sat down on a chair decadent spread,. burst into tears, his hands frantically sweep the drinks table meals, like a child camel brazenly filled vent their grievances. “no woman, you still have our two brothers.’s no big deal, one day, Betty and you will regret it apart!” Xiao Wu Wei child comfort, but unexpectedly bloody eyes suddenly a great son smashing bottles, loud roar. “put your mother’s fart. Why should she regret Why later in life, I hope she is very good, a nice happy than it is now, she left me, nothing more than want a better life, why should I let her regret, I love her, even though she left me, I do not want her being the slightest grievance in later days. 555555555, Betty ah, why did you leave me ! ” Li Hao Ran know what to say, and the two face to face fifth boo. Nothing else to say at this time, only listening to the howling Wei son kill the pig, and the bow drinking stuffy wine. Originally he had thought of good, the meal went KTV sit, usually always hear people say, there’s a very nice lady, very gentle, if you have money, you can also play with the thought here, Li Hao Ran’s throat on a dry incomparable. But now this looks like he still has feelings that play them. looked past the sleeping child Wei, Xiao Wu was about to stand up to the checkout, Hao Ran Lee also took the money ready to share some. Suddenly the door came the sound of laughter, slept like a dead pig carcasses fraud like Wei child camel suddenly leaping about, lightning running for the door, the two men did not wait to react, it came out a scream and scold voice, Wei child that has been crying hoarse voice are frantically Ganhao up. out between Li Ya Hao Ran a howling mad to see the child was two great big guy on the ground, dressed in a blue dress fabric HYDRAT Betty, pale and trembling stand a 40yearold middleaged fat man behind, eyes full of tears of pathos. Do not look at the ground with a desperate look to his eyes Liu. “Let him go!” Hao Ran Lee said slowly tepid, the eyes flashed a brutal color. He looked with disdain fat, facing two Han makes a wink. A Han sullenly,Christian Louboutin Shoes, appeared to be mercilessly kicked Wei son waist, Betty screams yet can not bear to fall,Christian Louboutin Outlet, Li Hao Ran a red lightning. Right leg to sweep away the sharp, heavy kick on the chest Han, Han Fei will kick hides strong and healthy, the body sided, left hand rib clip over another hit from behind to Han fist, a homeopathic over shoulder throw, he mercilessly pound the walls, or two successive sounded muffled, just an instant, two bruiser was potential, such as the Tigers knocked Hao Ran Lee. Canheng constantly lying on the ground. “You you want to do!” looked towards his approaching Li Hao Ran like a sharp sword, that if the harsh gaze swept his eye, a fat man’s face suddenly pale, hurriedly retreated trembling Betty behind, Li Hao Ran was going forward and grabbed him, he was clinging to fifth. “Siu Ho! Do not make trouble, he is the Dragon group of people, a large backstage, hit him on the bad end of!” Xiao Wu Hao Ran Lee whispered in the ear talking about, which makes his work has always been calm stopped, yes, this is not necessary in a large crowd hands. police flooded over soon become swollen with arrogance fat did not deliberately make things difficult for them again at Betty’s persuasion, just in time to go to an insidious Li Hao Ran’s eyes, and in the subwei approximate miserable Under the watchful eye, put his hand into Betty cheongsam backswing, abundant buttocks on that Gao Qiao wanton walk, leaving a string of abnormal arrogant smirking. “Betty does not belong to me !” from beginning to end, Betty Liu did not face one. I do not know the escape, or why. “Do not be no ambition!” Li Hao Ran stare still Beihao Liu Wei, on the fifth to make a wink. Wei Shuangda child like eggplant, paralyzed on the ground, leaving Li Hao Ran duo set up out of the restaurants. Along the way, the child was frantically Wei nonsense Luanhan, attracted people around have eyebrows, but at home when one pulled Hao Ran Lee’s hand and said: “Siu Ho! do men have to fucking money! Do you have a skill that what is the use. money only woman. worry, my brother I’m fine, and you go back! I woke up just fine of! Tomorrow I will find a job, money, my brother ask you to engage in a woman, mother, women everywhere, I would not hang in a tree, rest assured, my brother will let you be a woman soon Kaibao end your virgin body! that time, my brother once you find two. ” if not said Liu eyes a discolor,. Hulu began to fight. “You’re the dog days !” Lee Hao Ran laugh and cry, laugh and endless boring fifth child will be settled after the Wei, the two separately This home. “Alas! woman!” way home, Li Hao Ran’s head was full of shadows of those slippery slide hand, delicate white. Shook his head, smacking his lips, Hao Ran Lee joked authentic:. “In fact, a woman does not want to have a simple Laozi what just that at a code, mess may not yo money, women fly sooner or later.” first episode of the fourth chapter Need LOLI (a) home away from Hao Ran Lee Su Yun salons are not far. Compared with two separate home beauty salon that small building his nest becomes a bit dilapidated. This is the city’s old steel stove factory dormitory area, without any decoration, appearance is bare brick weathered two years of water erosion rightmost small upstairs room that Li Hao Ran home. Vaguely already dark black brick can see the big steel slogan year period. hanging on the left side of the small building in a light dark orange small lights are trying to shine a light wisp vague, hard day of travel, so that people walking in the road covered with moss will not step foot Ta fell damn garbage pit. To save money, the whole dorm, only the light utility lights. Because the people who live here, are all laidoff workers, no one willing to shell out extra money repairing these devices. Money, which would have moved out of moldy smell filled the old small building. Yunjie been murmuring Hao Ran Lee moved in with their own lives. This house should only exist in history. But Li Hao Ran said nothing moved in the past. Younger sister has been a golden age for marriage, if he then moved to live in the past, it is not obvious younger sister hind legs dragging it Besides, there’s Li Hao Ran childhood memories, and a group of equally concerned about his old neighborhood. “creak, creak.” Li Hao Ran hundreds of times to avoid debris cluttered aisles, dilapidated wooden aisle issued creak sound of people’s teeth are walking in his time, it seems likely to collapse at any time. But for people who live here, this sounds very nice, because it tells himself, had got home, not outside in the wind and rain erosion himself. the bathroom in public in a dark red, pulls Li Hao Ran That humming a ditty went to his door, just to pull out the key, ears sounded a slight noise, looked back, dark, a disheveled white shadow standing behind himself. “Well, Xiaoying you how to play right always loaded ghosts, be careful what you really hit someday ghost! goat pulled into the toilet is finished!” Zaza Zui Hao Ran Lee, turned quipped. “hate!” soon as people get cloying sweet Jiaodia sound, Hao Ran Lee felt his right hand startled, hands hanging on his wrist, then Xiaoying fragrance that exudes virgin body affixed to him. Xiaoying Li Hao Ran neighbors, the full name is Huang Yiying. Absolutely beautiful little beauty, but this beauty but because less educated, and can only be done in the hospital for a casual, children, family conditions extremely difficult furnace steel plant workers, who would not like to learn how good it is, even if University admission notice is received book, can only keep a souvenir. fact Xiaoying chance to find work in other good points, many sisters working out in the field will also find a good job, a few reminders she went, she excuses avoided. Just silly to stay local, nobody knew she was thinking. Since Ahao back from the army (Li Hao Ran’s own words), she becomes a whole lot of people, a lot of cheerful. Li Hao Ran wrapped around every day around, being, a discerning eye to see that this is why, but Li Hao Ran only to her as a young girl before that follow after your own ass every day to beg for popsicles, distressed her, but never think side, perhaps Hao Ran Lee himself will know why this is it! “Little Hao Ge, and then come back later today. Humph! unless you ask me to eat a big meal tomorrow! Otherwise, tomorrow I’ll tell Yunjie. said you went out messing around!” Li Hao Ran into the room, still not let go Xiaoying hands tightly around Hao Ran Lee’s arm, twisted like a baby body Diasheng said. “well, what Xiaoying eat, Big Brother is !” hearty sound dumb full length. Li Hao Ran two groups just feel strong, full, full elastic waist meat ball in his arms wildly and friction, an orchidlike fragrance of fresh Xiaoying filled out in that supple hair. Li Hao Ran hand twitched slightly. Days, that wonderful feel almost let him mad, Xiaoying that Guzhang up chest down his hand scraping, two prominent Rouli across cotton pajamas in his hand a few hard points. Hao Ran Lee felt a mass of nakedness emerging virtual fire for no reason, you want to pull it down to reach positive do not know the severity of Xiao Nizi. Eye, but hesitated. Wearing only a white cotton pajamas Xiaoying do not know because the weather is too hot or just woke up and neglect, the top two buttons pajamas did not buckle, bowed his head through the open collar of her looking down, white pajamas, the more dazzling white of the two groups snowball extrusion under his arm, two small bright red cherries are not under pressure when exposed to playful tip of the iceberg. Damn, this little girl actually did not wear underwear. Chunguangwaixie not know it This is simply to try any of my ah. almost not being burned alive desires Hao Ran Lee. Brothers suppressing erection pressed jeans in Zhang Tong, a significant step forward, left without a trace, appears to be very random one mired, thick jade hand palm will play Xiaoying, thus defused his embarrassment. Xiaoying grumbles seem dissatisfied with their Hao Ge snapped under his hand. But soon she was laughing and happy, Hao Ran Lee flew bed, there is a big doll from his own troops during Jie Feng Hao Ge to buy back,. just look at this on his bed, themselves will be very happy. “wow!” had a happy laugh Xiaoying screams, like an electric shock from a camel jump Hao Ran Lee’s bed, and then use the incredible vision shudder at him. “Little Hao Ge! how long these things you did not wash it! stinks! wow, how do you even socks are placed under the pillow !” “Hey, guys who cares for that. sleep good sleep on the line. Xiaoying, why do you split my sheets ah” thud looked ripped off his hands jump on his bed sheets quilt Xiaoying, Li Ran Howe Zaza Zui Ba, somehow asked. “! what ah” Xiaoying sweet that people get tired of the unique sounds of rebuke: “Everything stinks, do not know the last time you cleaned up, there is not that dirty, musty dice inside the bacteria. more I do not help you with to wash, and if you get sick because of this how to do ” ignore Hao Ran Lee asked myself so on their own how to sleep, drum cheek, Xiaoying will be a bunch of ‘junk’ hold out, came back, holding a clean and tidy Da bedding, deftly packed up everything. quickly, Hao Ran Lee found himself missing the long socks, underwear or something, Xiaoying deft hands and feet have been swept out from under the bed, and before themselves react, they become trash in a , and the other a dark garbage along with Xiaoying poured out the door. “ah !” again flew bed Xiaoying took a deep breath, this satisfaction long spit breath, rolling in bed, eyes closed Li Hao Ran, intoxicated unfolding arm. Tall chest with her arms exhibition activities, forming a beautiful arcshaped, shining white meat tenderizer squeeze a thin cotton, demonstrations camel stand up, turn up the clothes also make silly stunned Li Ran Howe saw her flat white belly, and even saw a hint of purple under the pajamas that hook line panties petals fringe. spring Zhaxian. Seems to be moving along with Xiaoying sweet laughter, which crowded the small room suddenly became spacious lot, also will clear the air a lot. Li Hao Ran just felt thirsty, suddenly seemed to rise under the belly of a flame, in the hot summer months, the crime rate is induced rapidly with increasing temperature rise. licked his lips, breath and drink half a bottle of ice water. Li Hao Ran This group felt that desires gradually extinguished. Of course, this still does not look Xiao Nizi. Think about it, middle of the night, a beautiful woman in his bed expansion effort so that men doing chest exercise, the body that attractive white light flashed in the brilliant light from time to time. Hao Ran Lee once again experience the true meaning of the word suffering. I’m afraid all of this, than to engage the enemy when lurking in the assassination, hid themselves in the heat of the exhaust pipe when it even more uncomfortable. Ah that he would prefer to hide for three days, are unwilling to torment even one minute. “Little Hao Ge! Have you heard of us here will be the government’s plans to do it” Xiaoying rolled over, lying in bed, hand Tuosai, looking up at Lee Hao Ran. Open mouth pajamas, that dazzling white rabbit on being slightly trembling, unabashedly show in their own eyes. Hao Ran Lee simply did not listen, eyes only pair of white rabbit, Xiao Nizi at least a C cup, showing cleavage seen that a full one finger deep it I do not know what it feels like to touch down there . forced to swallow the saliva of the mouth, forcing himself to divert attention, the head twisted to one side, this so do random authentic: “Well, Xiaoying, your clothes buttons no lines, this how much people, and also pay attention to these, but fortunately I am your brother, if someone looked cheap not give someone else took! ” “ah!” Xiaoying screamed, hurriedly pressed body, a red cheeks, too shy to pull the blanket over him, watching his back Hao Ran Lee, eyes flashed a lighted, still mixed with a hint of frustration. first

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Wet his chest, he knew that he owed a lot in fact, a woman asked for is actually very simple, as long as she can a man at her side, she was wronged when someone coax her, she comforted her sad when someone , which was enough, as much to pay for each other, she did not this concept be, but the man’s own understanding and love. “Well, you go back.” cried for a long time, but also to vent grievances Kakitsubata a lot during the day and need to conceal the emptiness of heart physiology, and now have comfort, she felt all worth it , at least for him to do his own thing he knows, also recorded in the heart. In fact, here Kakitsubata also playing a narrowminded, she is to Yefei Yang feel guilty, so as to make him remember, you know he’s often another woman, a long time is likely to put themselves forgotten. Although home to spend no wild flowers, wildflowers, but she did not want to do this, she should do is spend at home, there is no birthright that she is in fact not really care, it is important psychology must have her, if not by men in mind, and that she even get another high position, no amount of wealth, and then being’s birthright, but also that what use is it! looked Kakitsubata step back three went into the orphanage, Yefei Yang mood has become very bad, he lit a cigarette, sitting in the car straining sorption, perhaps the only way to relieve his heart troubles . In fact Kakitsubata mind he knows better than anyone else, but he not only did not blame her, but is more of pity, if not their own is a couple of months left, which she also used to playing with such means, these are themselves caused ah! thought of things at home, do not say so myself over a lifetime Eh! Yefei Yang grew more and more agitated, and if so, then you figure, Liu’s sister things have not been available, so if you give up, Yefei Yang is indeed willing, but if you really want to pursue their hand, do not know to be met How much trouble, he’d not afraid of any trouble, but it will not let them hurt him Linkoping not easy to say, so this has been a matter for him wavering. For those possessions at home, without the slightest interest Yefei Yang, ask yourself almost twentyfive, and still nothing, what’s he even did not ask, do not rest on its laurels later on Then there is a lot of trouble if he really and Liu’s sister what happened beyond the usual relationship between the two elderly do Beijing on turning a blind eye, joking, it is absolutely impossible, to when he can it is still a problem can not be alive! Yefei Yang fiercely Shuaishuaitou, this matter must be resolved as soon as possible to it, to do things their own career or something,Red Bottom Shoes, can no longer drag, he can wait, but he’s a woman who can not afford . Zhou Huiya has more than forty now, do not wait for old age, although she still does not forgive myself,Christian Louboutin Outlet, but Yefei Yang can be sure her heart was still himself here, all in all, we need him to solve ah! thought here, Yefei Yang made up his mind, he drove fast, the window is not closed, cold stab of pain in his face a little bit, but compared to his heart anxious as fire, these are nothing. “squeak!” the car stopped in front of a large, Yefei Yang took the phone and dialed the familiar number. “Hey.” the phone rang for a long time, there came a gentle voice before returning to. Yefei Yang thought for a moment before, said: “Hui Ya,. I have something to say to you, now down about it I’ll be downstairs.” Zhouhui Ya hesitated, she wanted to go, these days of suffering she has almost crazy, but in front of her daughter, but also to show a happy look, it is already exhausted. Now Yefei Yang received a phone call that she really did not want to think about anything, threw herself into his arms to direct, but as a mother, she must consider her daughter’s things, if we go on their own, he told own request and that side of things, he can refuse Zhou Huiya can say for sure that she could not refuse, and that this will definitely hurt her, so she can not do this thing. “I’m sorry, now days late, there was nothing to say it tomorrow.” considered for a long time, Zhou Huiya was hard to say the words, her heart was like a knife in general. should be a cry, the sound extremely calm, his light, said:. “Well, you break it, I will not bother to come back.” Yefei Yang do not understand why they become so Jizao, he knew this even if down refused, then he is only to give up after the way to go, but it is a completely different road perhaps take over the family business, or step into officialdom, and others to intrigue, perhaps in time to deal with the most segment in everything, with a few women to his seclusion. his heart had been tired, he was gambling, gambling Zhou Huiya heart still in his body, in fact, asked him to give up Zhouhui Ya is certainly possible, but today was Kakitsubata infection was very bad mood, he needs to do a taking a. blind listening to the phone tones, Zhou Huiya stunned, he did not come back after saying Excuse me, what does this mean No! Zhou Huiya shouting in my heart, he wants to give up on me He do not want me Tears ran down Zhouhui Ya streaming down the face of the bladder, she has now refused to take the other, and think Yefei Yang bring their own happiness, although she said before and Yefei Yang sever all relationships, but she still wanted her to know Yefei Yang , at least the bottom of her heart, know my heart still worried, but now it! Zhouhui Ya put down the phone, panic walked out, her heart there is a faint voice saying, if you miss this opportunity, I am afraid that this life has no chance. Pro out the door, she looked at her daughter’s room, now Binger already asleep, Zhou Huiya heart made a decision. third volume desire to spend the capital of the fortyfirst chapter and her daughter (III) Zhouhui Ya put down the phone, panic walked out, her heart there is a faint voice saying, if you miss this opportunity,Christian Louboutin Shoes, I am afraid that this life has no chance. Pro out the door, she looked at her daughter’s room, now Binger already asleep, Zhou Huiya heart made a decision. Zhouhui Ya know she could not escape this life Yefei Yang’s claws, this villain is simply her nemesis. If he does not come himself in two days, Zhouhui Ya do not know that he is not also may be able to live not find him. Perhaps this is your fate, but the thought of her daughter, Zhou Huiya his legs felt weak, how she can get out of this door. deep breath, Zhou Huiya still undecided in the end that should not go out, though she knew the word that if you do not go out, then it may never say goodbye to him, but carrying out such a daughter, and the daughter of a man stealing What is the difference. Zhouhui Ya Ma chaos a group of heart, she even want to think about such things are not willing, now have to make a choice, she felt embarrassed sad, when the change yourself so lewd it Leave the man would not have survived it Zhou Huiya bleak smile a smile on someone else she did not know, but if she left the Yefei Yang, then certainly not very happy, although able to survive, but that has nothing parted and died. looked outside the window has nothing, Zhou Huiya suddenly suddenly felt my heart burst Jiutong he really gone He actually gone! She was very understanding Yefei Yang, wondering if his heart is not very irritable or what is urgent, he certainly will not leave this, here Zhouhui Ya think my heart burst of cool, does he really do yourself Zhouhui Ya can not think about this issue, she comforted herself that this is their own scare myself, but the window has indeed gone Yefei Yang figure. looked at the open joints, Zhou Huiya finally resolved, but that she deeply daughter of a door, then turned and went downstairs still, for her daughter and Yefei Yang is the most important, Despite her love for the two not the same thing, but it was all from the heart, not contain the slightest false. As such, she can not lose any more, why not three live together Zhou Huiya felt his heart beating fierce, and her daughter with her husband,. a think she felt very word itself constantly boiling blood, she is a conservative woman, but because it is so, she If you would like taboo sensitive times, she even has felt his body had responded, quickly put these thoughts aside, she quickly went downstairs, perhaps waiting in a corner on the origins also maybe ah! say how constraints and allow children to learn to accept Yefei Yang, does not feel too embarrassed, because she had seen her daughter just because of the psychological and moral bottom line, so it can not accept Yefei Yang, but no matter what changes are possible , is not it No matter how the outside before Xue Guiyu nonsense, never thought of himself affair, but now is not the same as lying on a poster in another man, forcing us to make a change, is the helplessness of life, do not is not that right Zhouhui Ya’s heart still an idea, Binger on Yefei Yang’s mind that she is aware of, just give them time together, I believe she will be able to accept him. The woman is not a bad shirt change, or ten minutes before the resolute mind, and now not even want a good future things, thoughts change fast staggering. Zhou Huiya cheerful footsteps walked out, both to defend the entrance to respectfully greeted the mayor’s wife, and my heart was in this strange big night she wants to get in, but also go so anxious. When Zhou Huiya came outside when they did not find any traces of Yefei Yang, her heart suddenly cool down, but she did not give up, oh groups continue to move forward, she believes Yefei Yang certainly will not go on like this , at which place he must wait for ourselves! However, when she walked about ten minutes later, but still did not see Yefei Yang, she was disappointed, Is he really so do yourself Zhou Huiya shook his head a little selfdeprecating, and perhaps himself down is a wrong decision, and now face the heat on a cold ass quote, “Yefei Yang! You a bad guy, you have no conscience, so to go,” find people of Zhou Huiya loud shouting, “If you do not come out, I may go back.” still nobody, Zhou Huiya completely desperate, distraught, she was about to turn back, but suddenly grabbed a pair of strong arms to the growing flexibility of that amazing waist, ears came a ferocious words: “Do not move ! Lao To Jiecaijiese! “Then those big hands fumble in her body, the chest that is also hard on the rabbit rubbing his, ah weeks back at once soft body down the bad guys, he really did not away. Yeah weeks back but unfortunately Zizi think of heart, but soon he thought of himself ten minutes to find something, her face angry too hard on the back of flying pinch a bit, until the time of his pain was loose Yeah grin open hands, “Well, let you scare me! see I do not strangle you!” It is also flying behind come, in fact, he has been followed weeks back that way, did not leave. When he saw the way out of weeks back when the heart of a hot, know that this objective be achieved, but he also impressed with the way the truth weeks back, although he knows better choose their own methods, but also a real treat feelings of the people, and can be so fast Yeah weeks back down on his feelings can be imagined. “Big Baby, really make life difficult for you, I will always love you!” is also flying gently suck her earlobe, then look down upon the ear a little reluctant to let go of him. The body also have a reaction, just the top of the week back to you on that mast plump ass. “You know like, just see you later still dare not to me, if you do not want me, I’ll find a better man than you.” Yeah weeks back, though his voice was complaining, but more is like a baby, “a bad guy when you are thinking to make mischief.” She has felt the top on his ass a hard thing, she certainly knows what it is. That is something to bring his infinite joy, of course, extremely weeks back ah love this bad thing, if this thing does not belong to it flying, so even if it has great ability but also get a glimpse of weeks back that way. also flying hand has stretched from waist in, directly through the underwear touched her thigh, the back and forth that a mysterious zone linger. Mouth pressure on mouth, straining TV drama sweet sap sucking, crotch too tightly to withstand weeks back ah ass, so she can feel his temperature and intensity. “flying, do not, ah, this is on the street! we go in the car, okay” finally out of the mouth of quickly said that she did not want it on this street to the last game of passion and playing, she did not open until this point, but the street is relatively cold,. of course, a good car. Yefei Yang Hey smile, Zhou Huiya angry at her eyes a Hengbao up, “Big Baby, today I have to carry revenge.” are really squint eyes, waiting for the happy moment comes, when I heard these words her strange and asked: ” avenge reported what hatred” Then could not help but groan, because Yefei Yang dragged her ass with a big hand even in the middle of those two buttocks shoved point a bit, get her body shoved hesitated. Yefei Yang Hey laughed: “! Who told you to let me go to bed,” then it is no longer speak. They have come to the car, Yefei Yang will seat flat, and then together, he sometimes in malicious thought, is not Zhouhui Ya know there is such a long day, so give him a car can all be turned into a bed. Does she have long fancy yourself Yefei Yang Hey smile. much so, the two men had a two Rouchong, and Yefei Yang Zhou Huiya that stroking black hair, and then her head down to his crotch, “Big Baby, this is your punishment , kiss it. ” Zhouhui Ya is not never done for him, glared at him, then Zhang mouth bent his head to go, which recorded flirtatious let Yefei Yang covered with a shiver, almost no shot out, the next moment he feels to himself into a gentle moist lies, is wrapped him comfortable closed his eyes, feeling Zhou Huiya that smart tongue around him, troubles in the past few days have been of this moment for smoke, do not drifted know where to go. Zhou Huiya hard to work with, although very tired, and it is hand to mouth in turn is used, but the bad guys might really be able to punish yourself, how not come out ah, she glared at the gas hard facing straight smile leaves her hehe flying one, want to see my jokes, Well, look at me how to get you out. She was determined to climb a little and let the two crotch stacked together and then shoved down a ride, “Chasing AIDS!” Sound, is really a plug in the end. “ah!” Zhou Huiya taut body, the bad guys! That ugly thing and grow up, own almost packet tolerate him. Long time no sex life Zhouhui Ya still far from meeting the beginning this case, fortunately Yefei Yang timely guide her slowly moving forward, She just slowly familiar. car quickly shake up, although the window is closed, but from time to time but still coming out from inside one or two frail moan, to showcase the inside in the end what happened. But unfortunately, very few people go through now. third volume desire capital

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So after only rely on his ship to transport our goods, this damn Chougui, we can not offend him! ” shadow did not go, patted him on the shoulder and said: “Boss, all these years we have been a success,Christian Louboutin Shoes, but this year is very unlucky, I think you still have to be careful is good, the best time to put out my two two men to bring them with me for many years, are the best marksmanship skill, loyalty and more no problem with them at your side, I also worry a bit! ” “Well, then you continue to monitor the situation in this rotten ya bitch, if she was that ugly guy went after, bent to kill him, give me clever point, do not let her broken our event!” “Do not worry! but an innocent escape my Shoudexia it, what the U.S. military at the people, is not the same as playing in the palm of our hearts, that ugly guy did, have said nothing, it seems is not General Sao ah! ” “! Hey” Wangtian Jiang Yin Xiao moment: “When we all moved to the Danish industry, I have to ride her in person once, that show strength, one can see Lao itch.” while two Yin Xiao, Wang Tianjiang car drive toward staying in hotels Li Hao Ran, but they know the damn guy has been removed, are not anxious, really burning bridges you to the hotel after Asked his men to monitor, as if did not come back. , But also his mother really talent, so ugly yet so lustful. Certainly find a woman, really cheap. will finally open up the telephone Hao Ran Lee, on black face growled:! “Lee, you really do not trust us, but that good, to help Mr. Hasse back Phoenix guts, you recommend me enter your board! ” “ah! dear king, very sorry, you know, after all, is this a huge investment, and you !” “No! Lee, I need you to give me a clear answer, yes, I have money, I can invest a lot of money to build the Group, I need a partner like you, but if both you and Mr. Hasse I do not intend to participate, then it Hey Hey! your mother! Damn you bastard! I want you to cut into pieces alive!!!! ” Wangtian Jiang angrily phone severely wrecked pulpy! Chuaidao mercilessly kick on trees, frantically vent for a while, this convergence of live angry, calm down the anger of my heart, pushing glasses, frowning in place in a daze, looking for quite a while to think of the men asked Li Hao Ran from the direction to go. “boss, Li Xu Yunhe is to go home!” “What” to get the news, Wang Tianqiang very shocked to think the last time that nigger and Xu Yunhe came out that reverent demo, he felt inside weird, do Xu Yunhe this old fox also with what means to lure this ugly greed guys do heart raised up, if at all, and could spell the length of a man himself, in addition to others, otherwise we will not cloud the river, and since that time he had mixed kid kidnapped her daughter once, and his death has been knock, if he is stymied, then the city has a highlevel support, he naturally has the advantage better than they gain their trust, after all,Christian Louboutin Outlet, in China, only a good relationship with the government, in order to make a fortune,. Hasse and Lee could not know this, but once they do cooperate, it will abandon the self, then his career would desperate it. bite the bullet, Wangtian Jiang Xu Yun decided a trip to the river must go home, no matter what, you can not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. leave the decision in Wang Tianjiang time, Li Hao Ran Xu had been sitting Courtyard, facing both the long back Huangyi Ying Xu Tingting and of sixth chapter fifty temptations Ouyang Li Hao Ran for a surprise visit, Xu Yunhe somewhat somewhat overwhelmed. Brains, racked scheming all the guests, but please do not come quietly in the night to visit, under surprise, soon piled smile, full of energy and go out the door, respectfully Hao Ran Lee welcomed into the living room. There is a prettily accompanied Hao Ran Lee came to the beauty, oval face, big eyes sparkle Xingmu, and a slight tilt lips, a bit arrogant, little wavy brown curly hair, fair skin, ranging Xu Yunhe, please,Red Bottom Shoes, this a woman walked into the hall on his own, very casual authentic: “really is the first family are decorated distinctive quaint and full of fun” Xu Yunhe a joy, this woman speaks sonorous voice, very appealing, also said into his heart, is not it, this decoration is Tingting late mother had personally designed, although many years later, but this The design will never be outdated, but as the years went by, and become more mood, antique decor, all wooden cross mounted display, so that the house is full of elegant freehand. “Lee, this is ” Xu Yunhe was about to ask, just go home Xu Yunlong just never slipped in the door, but the sight of this woman silly stunned the whole person. Xu Yunlong looked very surprised, pointing to the woman froze, Xu Yunhe see his son painting looks like, that this prodigal see a beautiful woman on the exposed nature, the gas is not one to play, not fortunately Li Ran The former Howard rude guests only Shanxiao Zhao name haha, his eyes looked at the Spitfire disappointing son, thought to myself and other guests had gone, have a good look at this little bastard can not be learned. Ouyang Rui Yuan Se Mimi saw this kid’s eyes on that funny, and today she is a professional women’s dress, looks elegant, generous and charming, who inadvertently reveals a noble temperament to dismantle Xu Yunlong saw her little too sister to dress, black leather dress, sexy and charming, and at the moment the image is completely different. For a time, let Xu Yunlong dare to recognize. Xu Yunlong blinked, swallowed a mouthful of saliva, in fact, he is not particularly dare believe my eyes, too sexy a woman. Noble, but also a hint. Naturally revealed to the charming, so this kid heart itch. When home to such a beautiful, why they kind of deja vu, it really does not see himself that dare eat all day naked little beauty dog ​​stimulus too deep to see the beauty of it dazzled. Before he in more Kanji Yan, Xu Yunhe fear of what this guy shameless attempt Yibalaguo him Shanxiao Zhao introduced to Li Hao Ran said:. “Lee, this is the pediatric Yunlong Yunlong, see Guo Li! ” still looked Ouyang Xu Yunlong Xu Yunhe is angry, watching Li Hao Ran a deadpan face a little ugly mood swings, that he was angry, the moment a la the dead boy. Lost smiles: “ah Lee’ll excuse me this child was brought up a little dementia.!” “Puchi!” side to Ouyang Renjunbuzhu, Xu Yunhe Puchi smile was amused by this sentence. Hao Ran Lee also bored laugh or two, while the Xu Yunlong quit, a face up green clamored:! “Dad how can you say to my son, know the lady just feel it!! ” “Shut up!” Xu Yunlong more we argue, the more so that Xu Yunhe feel swept face, pulled his hand severely twist, Xu Yunlong Xipinenrou was the same old iron sword hand twist, eat distort the face of pain, ouch loudly, Xu Yunhe opportunity laughed: “!! You see, the child of a manic episode, do not worry about stupid ah Lee” this look, Li Hao Ran can not stand it, laugh, laugh Ouyang is clutching his stomach straight stamping, Xu Yunlong angry two a smear, calf shivering, struggling father opened a hands up with a tomato red, the same face, embarrassed rushed up the stairs,. but the moment the foot on floor, not willing to turned, looked Ouyang said: “I I really know you, you . Ouyang . you are a lawyer! eh ” look in the eyes that looked Xu Yunlong, Ouyang hold back laughter, nods, hands clutching his thin lips light, charming eyes flashed fascinated ground ripples, so that the presence of several men stared. “Look! I said I know Ms. Ouyang! Hao Ge’s girlfriend she is !” Words half, Xu Yunlong suddenly found his father goes on a cold ashen face embarrassment and anger, scared that he would back to half of the sentence gargling stomach. At the moment he discovered that Ouyang Rui Yuan which is followed by the super rich and powerful to be, do not , a sense of outrage fire emerge. regardless of Xu Yun River to face. Xu Yunlong licked his lips, and with a hint of dissatisfaction accusing tone: “Miss Ouyang, but now rich state pressing ah, no wonder Yunlong not recognize, is Hao Ge can live up to now, I am afraid it will not recognize Ms. Ouyang , right ” “Yunlong! go!” Xu Yunhe annoyed, roaring sound track. He found that Li Hao Ran’s face suddenly changed at this time, are not anxious, anyway, they are the guests, so late night visit, only for their own good intentions, this prodigal do not see it in this relationship between the two men do Li Hao Ran damn guy, quietly died, leaving a daughter in tears all day to himself, thought he would wait for a cursed. “Xu pull the old, your son did something wrong, I used to know Ahao, but now my boyfriend is he! he is my lover! Is this also a problem” Ouyang sly smile, Li Hao Ran also sip Minzui, quietly Diao cigarette conceal his excitement, yes, he did not think the reaction would be such a big Xu Yunlong, could this not hesitate to contradict his father’s guests, to protect their own. Bit touched, a little joy, and a little sense of sadness that he could not do that to friends and loved ones. Ouyang Rui Yuan smiled, put on a pair of posture Hao Ran Lee’s personal secretary, write too far anymore angry red eyes Xu Yunlong, smiling, in front of Xu Yun Ho: “Xu boss, today we aim actually want to have to find another one in the partnership, as Mr. Lee hopes China can get greater development opportunities, and cloud River Group in terms of financial investment in the construction industry and are among the highest in the country listed companies ! ” “Humph!” Xu Yunlong not interested in listening to them, black face, turned and walked quickly away. Xu Yunhe sigh of relief. This fool really gone, he is back to take lessons. Hao Ran Lee apologized quickly and loudly, to be filled with joy and said: “! If you are interested in cooperation with Lee himself, it is my honor ah ” “Xu boss joking, but Lee does have the intention to cooperate with Xu!” Hao Ran Lee Hualiyouhua, while Ouyang Rui Yuan curled his lip, eyes a turn Gulu, laughing loudly, no more words, I thought it bad . Xu Yun again sets the river any more. Cooperation, cooperation is the daughter wants people to go to it. In fact, today she purpose and to Xu Hao Ran Lee, one fire in order to smoke. Edgy stoked on his head side is also kept in the dark to look Xu Tingting and . In fact, she has a small mind thinking that she was the only woman among the most attachment Hao Ran Lee, do not mind him ugly, do not mind him mercilessly, but Chen Fang’s performance to her surprise, these bad guys are so original Fang Fang to attachment, but she firmly believes that in this world there are not many women like them so infatuated. Perhaps Li Hao Ran childhood, her heart and people already belong to Li Hao Ran, but Xu Tingting it, a rich girl, and Li Hao Ran did not had sex, and now to see such an ugly man to replace her Prince Charming. But also as one belonging to him Li Ouyang Hao Ran is actually being pulled hard to come. One is too miss Xiaoying, and secondly there are also other reasons. Because visited Xu, non bring greater pressure to force him to gamble, the strength of the entire exposed, so as to wipe out the stinger in one fell swoop at the last minute, pulled out this thorn. “. Xu pull the old, in fact, we aim to Lee’s boss today there are other” Ouyang Rui Yuan suddenly sly smile, eyes look to the outside of the three big hurry figure smile, raise her voice laughed: “Our boss There has been particular interest in antiques, there is a boss that promises to be an angel cat burglar who wants to antique treasure fan, wanted to experience what it is today. ” “sister! was her!” in Ouyang Rui Yuan’s voice faded occasion, menacing Xu Yunlong with two small woman, angrily rushed. “Ouyang sister! really you!.” instant door, Xiaoying and Xu Tingting saw Ouyang Rui Yuan, cried in unison. Xu Yunhe frowned and pulled down his old head snapped: “! You how it came, Yunlong, with your sister and Wong go back, I’m talking about important things, and Lee, what a later date.” “! Do” Xu Tingting came out, it looked charming Ouyang Rui Yuan to face, with a punitive expedition general tone snapped:! “Ouyang sister listen to my brother said, you you and goodbye to a good man! that he ! ah ! ” pointing Li Hao Ran Xu Tingting turned in time to see him, the reigning scream, man went white, darling child Mengtiao thump thump, my God, look how this man so hideous terror, that face scars like thousands of centipede crawl in general, is full of hideous scar India, for a time, she kind of chill dart head emerging from all over the body feeling. Hao Ran Lee watched her eyes, and my heart a miserable, why would this hurt your heart. “Tingting! go!!” Xu Yunhe anger, too anxious, he Did not see instant Hao Ran Lee screaming at his daughter, and that changed the face miserable, ugly people are very taboo know someone on his face contempt Now his daughter such a call, do not irritate the guests, over, over, it was all over. Always times to care for his daughter, nor by angry. “Ouyang sister!” At this time, not to speak of has been quietly walked Ouyang Rui Yuan Xiaoying, with a trace of doubt authentic:. “Why would you do this, do small Hao Ge bad for you that you are fancy a gentleman money Does money is more important than the dignity of it, I know you’re not that kind of person, why would you you woo small Hao Ge so good for you, you do this to him you worthy of him ” talking, talking, cute Xiaoying has burst into tears, burst into crying, Ouyang Rui Yuan did not think this would be such a little girl began to cry, but also to ask such embarrassing questions All of a sudden it happened, the pitiful eyes look to the Li Hao Ran. Li Hao Ran fact was more nervous, Xiaoying was his pride and joy, his most people are reluctant to hurt her, grew intimate bar intestine followed their own, without a trace of complaint, her clever clever, has always been his own favorite character, one can see small can cry, your heart like a knife, like, see Ouyang Rui Yuan look to his eyes, a sudden, it was kept, and quickly stood up. today Xiaoying really charming, a white Floral Dress, generally handsome haircut hair shawl revealing her mellowness, petite body exudes a hint of fragrance, which makes extremely Hao Ran Lee nostalgia for the original holding a little girl in the balcony in the sun, always like to smell the taste of sleeping in the arms of her own kind of hot after the sun tan. watched her approaching, Li Hao Ran want to stand up and walk, but he did not think Xiaoying foregone went a step, facing Li Hao Ran bowed respectfully. Only cried a little upturned eyes swollen, sincere authentic:.! “Lee, would you please consider, Ouyang sister do not love you, but she does not really like someone else she told Hello please you put she left. ” scared! Nobody would have thought would always weak and Xiaoying say that at a time when this is the case, Li Hao Ran stunned and speechless at the moment. Ouyang and

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Hot skin redness, filled out the slightest aphrodisiac fragrance in general, this is my sister’s taste, dry mouth, Li Hao Ran half bent the body, with a trace of a tearful voice said: “I’m sick sister , you will fulfill me! ” “spit!” is also confused desire to live Su Yun refused to relax their vigilance in this moment, in spite of her body limp, little rascal was stroking her lust rising only struggling for a bite. Straighten up the small hand into the man’s crotch, for her,Christian Louboutin Outlet, this is the limit. feel swell guy was huge creamy warm little hand grip, Li Hao Ran shivers, big hands stretched under the skirts sister. Flowers small line across Nalv pants, wanton in that swarthy walk in the grass,Christian Louboutin Shoes, on the one hand to the younger sister that huge white breast, finger pinch,Red Bottom Shoes, pinch her medicine generally mellow gem erect nipples, a rub, Su Yun frowned body shocked, could not help but groan uttered Unconventional, hand picked up speed. But raised his head, with a hint of debauchery flirtatious tone trembling and said: “Siu Ho people here also rose!” Li Hao Ran is the sound of moaning call was covered with a clever, charming Unconventional Su Mei Yun that bloom at the moment, so that he almost choked, was about to put the hand under the skirt, but unexpectedly Su Yun grumbles spoiled Road : “Do not !” Unconventional eyes that almost let a man collapsed almost could not help a great clip, Su Yun that the two groups will be full of white jade free twisted together, and that the slightest rain, slimy soft as silk in general. Let him almost vomit blood, charming Unconventional moaning, completely lit Gardenia Hao Ran desires, neat and quick will be stripping off Jiaodia endless Su Yun a narrow thin silk underwear, handsomely Whitening secrete a hint of pink jade fat, trace of fragrance exudes out, moaning as illusory, let Li Hao Ran off taste to the endless temptations Su Yun dissemination of this stunning beauty. stroked TV drama creamy skin, listening Su Yun dreamlike Unconventional moaning, feminine fondle his body,. showing generally bright blush roses, hot body inside, was that charming sexy, very lingering temptation, slender legs entrenched in Li Hao Ran bear waist, hooked his back, across the thin lace dawdle his body, Hu Mei Xiang She stretched out a small kiss, a hug ring arm Li Hao Ran will already limp as mudlike fiery beauty children under pressure in the body, trying to break that last bastion, but Su Yun white legs toward the next release, squeeze before the lower abdomen, he just did not let Lee Hao Ran breakthrough This last one off, confused, lustful moan in Li Hao Ran approximate rude action becomes high wire, the cries of the wonderful sounds of nature seem to never move moan action under the bottom ravine Jumping slowly, a trace, sounded a little bit, Hao Ran Lee seemed today environment in general, Ruzhui clouds. “Woo !” Su Yun intoxicated, was indulging in this favorite tease stroke among men, creamy plump rump is deliberately squeezed his big hand rub. Woo, how people like flowing water below, the Su Yun suddenly face a boiling hot, and she could feel the wire after getting flooded out between themselves legs, creamy liquid line, while the villain brother’s big hands that have touched the sensitive places, Pinch ah ah, here you how it Oh, well up, tickling, woo dying, bad brother, quick release open people ah. Su Yun feel matte Rouli which was first violated, the kind of unparalleled pleasure overwhelming general strikes, could not help but groan presumptuous legs a clip, but do not forget their little hands still holding the huge hot bad thing, finger turn, issued a trace of his brother met Dimo ​​beast roar, let her heart trembled at this moment, jerky little hands to make more power, Li Hao Ran an emergency, could not help myself how this torture To, which tighten a loose whipped up and down the great pleasure, so he flew up into the sky, into the next the ground, but know that this will soon go on their own vanity, but a sly Su Yun did not know how this villain’s mind, To get rid of this little rascal as soon as possible entanglement, but also to make himself Nakhon consider a relief to get the feeling of loneliness, her movements faster and faster, Li Hao Ran unwilling to poke a finger, that most of the moment, Su Yun pain The moaning loudly, palms pressed hard one, Li Hao Ran eyes stare, full of thick paste gushing out like a day generally falls to pieces Yinye sky splash spray spring has filled this room. And now this moment Su Yun also covered flick, Li Hao Ran just felt the palm of a hot, hot rolling slurry full flow on his hands. “Sister, look good!” Hao Ran Lee raised his hand a sniff, with a trace of satisfied obscene chuckle loudly, Suyun Ming Qing Yin bang, feet kicking him, blushed, turned and charming for his smile, leaned shy, Kazakhstan with heat Xiangshe lips lightly coat edge bite move the tongue licked about the bad things, her face blushing tongue mucus ray crystal juice carried watched TV drama a proud Hao Ran Lee, are not angry for a nibble, Li Hao Ran 9 whole body just felt flick, looking shy sister pleasant for yourself with this sexy mouth to clean up muddy thing, not a little embarrassment, without a trace of hesitation Li Hao Ran heart of a hot, hold off flaccid paralysis Su Yun, tightly holding. “Sister, I want to take care of your life, you will always be the closest person to me, is my favorite woman!” Su Yun eyes red, tears welling stopped, gently lifted his face and said: “Sister know, just your sister, so you catch the bad guy, you want big sister is your ! ” finished face changed, shy pinch his nose, hum said: “I tell you, this day, do not put your ugly face the whole good, you’re not even think about taking even one day, I know you!” “ah hurt! know, I know!” heard screams from the room, and several other women Ouyang Rui Yuan sad face changed, all involuntary spit tongue, head turned to the side. terrible sister of Sixth Chapter 65 crash and burn looked swollen ear Hao Ran Lee out of the room with a trace of a smile,. and behind him is not as Su Yun airs, but some embarrassment, some shy, a sharpeyed seeing Ouyang Rui Yuan Su Yun Xu chaos that slightly beard and collar loose, we know that the siblings love belly just had to steal anything tricky. Minzui smile, Ouyang Rui Yuan Jiao pity to his face blushing by Su Yun who Nisheng coquetry: “The Soviet sister, and you now do not blame people followed him without telling you, right” 芸 a blind eye, with silk dissatisfaction muttered: “You two kids, really nonsense, there is something I can not say it really so afraid I know you see, now I know that is not the same, but Tingting basking good, but was stimulated you have to make stupid, if just did not catch ! ” haunt Su Yun shook his head, can not imagine the consequences do not catch, and Li Hao Ran face Hitodo, it is embarrassing out a wry smile, Did not want to tell his younger sister, but involuntarily, in the city, too Denon help eyeliner, a little negligence, it could lead to a comprehensive defeat, he can not afford to take the risk, but did not dare to take the life of Su Yun joke. Ouyang is a clown, looked down and depressed mood again, not by a sly smile, Hao Ran Lee walked beside a few small peristaltic Joan nose, joking laughed: “Yeah, Ahao, your body how there was a Yun sister smell of the body, ah, incense, yeah, you are still a good few clothes and hair ! ” “Yuanyuan!” Su Yun embarrassed soon dived into the seam, failing scuffle with endless smiles tenderly Ouyang goblins, Li Hao Ran a few ugly face straining convulsions. Embarrassing hollow laugh a few times. Let the younger sister of fists to himself, pain in the body, but sweet at heart, at least that Su Yun shy face, full of happy glow. “do not trouble! that we should now how to do” Hao Ran Lee Stern said. Ouyang Rui Yuan brow all at once, thinking a little smile:. “I did not think ting harm will come to make such a stupid thing, and now the situation must have been ignited I think things just fell Tingting slip, certainly know that, according to your original identity, certainly should choose his side, the problem is going to think Tingting and I think this is silly girl has Huochu life to, it will not give up so easily! If you refuse again She, maybe this silly sister what will surprise move to make, I do not suspect she would expose your identity, then there, even if she is not exposed, but you have to leave it as an excuse this time, I think she will be more uncomfortable, so you can make something stupid, I do not think you want to see Tingting longer hurt it! Our situation now is such that you must refuse Hsu, but it can not hurt ting again Ting, I’m Lou, you should know what you should do ” Li Hao Ran sigh, he did not expect Tingting will always delicate to make such a stupid thing, he had hurt her, but do not give her comfort. Worse, dial plan has been stabbed imminent, but this last part, but things went wrong, in any case can not let Wang Tianqiang, let Stinger scourge of the world, perhaps like Yuanyuan said, they must have a choice, and This choice can only hurt again Tingting, how they should do “Ahao, you are a man of indomitable spirit, you can not make a woman sad, I think, you are now the most important thing is to put it all to tell Tingting, let her know you do not like her, but for more important things and had to temporarily leave her for so many years is how I educate you can not make a woman sad, but Siu Ho, today you could not do it, so you have to compensate Tingting, no matter how much you have tasks, regardless of how much you want to accept the challenge, as long as my heart to have her, had promised to someone else, then you must do! ” remained silent Su Yun stood out, before his brother went to the body, bright eyes looked at him and told him the truth in life. “Well, yes, I think I should do something!” Li Hao Ran quite understand what they need to do is, the two women a shot of a, you want nothing more than to let yourself go personally apologize to Xu Tingting,. and and told her to get her forgiveness. After all, her own hurt too deep. “purple coral it” Hao Ran Lee found strange was going out of the room but not in the room sister Alexandra, when myself and younger sister went, she stayed out crying, but a fraction of how it’s gone. “!’s you,” Su Yun forced a finger to his brow, with a trace of jealousy and said: “It’s a kind of endless love, here’s something you’re not ready, want your darling child the! hum, dead sister Alexandra, concealing something for so long you did not tell me wonder when she came back to me every day to chat with her to sleep, refused to let me take her out to relax, but also specifically opened new stores To me as a boss, do not let me steward, they are actually afraid I know you news of the accident. ” “Shan Tingting sister up to accompany it!” Ouyang Rui Yuan somewhat lackluster Yaochun sad smile about, after all, is Tingting sister Alexandra proaunt, she said, this time not only in the mind, a fool not to say the spot, but also look her upstairs fall, just crying for a moment, finally bite the bullet and go up, and I heard the promise of cloud hall scolded her voice, but then he spoke, and I think she was into it. Xu Yunhe has scared fainted, in this family, she is also the only stand elders. Hao Ran Lee nodded and touched Su Yun hair, turned and walked out of the room, Ouyang Rui Yuan paused and said: “! Ahao, remember that a little man.” how a man of law: I do not enough men Li Hao Ran deflated deflated mouth to laugh not to embark on the floor laughing. “Stop! You son of a bitch, I call you stop, go away immediately went out, I do not want to see you again!” keep the corridor to see Li Hao Ran Xu Yunlong up, picked up and shoved around a stick, clamoring. “Yunlong, let me in!” Li Hao Ran know you want to go, we must let Xu Yunlong calm down, he did not want to use violence, but did not want to hurt him, for Xu Yunlong, a few months along, he has his as a friend, but also those who have hurt them to make their own Xu thing, perhaps it should be compensated for the time. “Fuck you, and I do not cotton to fly library hand playing tell you, sooner or later I will kill you bastard!” Watching Li Hao Ran came, Xu Yunlong clenched his stick, the man who has an order people are afraid of imposing, very powerful, his heart was oppressed gall scared. But he is still a stick sweep up, he wants to protect his sister. “pop!” crashed and broken sticks, Li Hao Ran very casual one block, it will be sturdy wooden play into two parts, under the shock is still looking to stick to stab him. Li Hao Ran backhand snaps, his uniform in the body, sighed and said: “Yunlong, I’m sorry to you, but it’s not my intention.” “Let him come in, Tingting need to see him!” haggard face came out of the room purple coral, you can see clearly that the two wiping the tears on her beautiful face, swollen eyes like two tablets cooked The peaches, really distressed, Li Hao Ran want to reach out to erase her tears, but very stiff back, Xu Yunlong still around, he did not want to put their identity revealed, he thought, Purple After Shan down, younger sister would tell her all the truth. “! into it Lee, I hope you do not stimulate Tingting!” Hao Ran Lee looked hanging head, purple coral plaintive Yaochun sobbed: “Tingting is a good boy, you can not live up to her! into it, she needs you, please do not hurt her! ” Li Hao Ran looked away tears ran Shan purple heart like being Daogua the same, in fact, in this matter, the subject was perhaps the deepest hurt her, condemned, aunt, niece seduce a man, such a thing occurred in who can not stand him, not to mention the man she thought was dead, so she was a bigger pain. Li Hao Ran silently into the room, tired of fragrant pink room also smelled an purple coral body perfume, unlike Xu Tingting likes elegant atmosphere,. purple coral mature body comes out of that kind of fragrance more fascinating. huddled in bed Xu Tingting was lying down, the body has been reduced to the foot of the bed, the man’s footsteps very heavy, getting closer, her mind was trembling, she actually hear everything happening outside, she also regrets regret his rash, regret their vexatious, hurt Xue aunt, in fact, they know much earlier, but also the relationship than she really early, the manager himself is unknown, insert a horizontal leg, leaving only happened Aunt Xue , so that men feel more painful, perhaps he is the shameless woman, in order to bind the man actually made a shameless thing coercion to marry him, this is yourself Why they would like cruel, so sloppy, simply disregard the feelings of others. just Xue and her aunt always apologized and told her he had the seeding, and the man was dead, her mind was death, does she not know Lee is a small Hao Ge it Do small Hao Ge did not tell her all of this, think of a small Hao Ge and Wang Tianjiang frequent contacts, think Ouyang sister down with him, but refused to disclose the trace messages, and that they should think, they must have difficulties But his reckless behavior and allows them a headache, right Woo, he is an idiot, why did no thought of this Well now, where would you want to own Siu Ho, a horse is not sweet, it is Xue aunt and myself that the only word, but but small Hao Ge, Tingting wrong you will forgive me it ” seem to hear her voice, Xu Tingting just felt a figure sitting on his bed, the heart of a tight, she knew he was coming, and he was upset, extremely nervous. big hands accompanied by guilt sigh loudly in her ears, a pumping heart Xu Tingting,

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Xiao Chen and golden seal while absorbing. christian louboutin outlet

Gold Seal draws strength, the pattern more dense fine, golden rich, clearly benefit. Xiaochen changes, no significant in vitro, but the flesh, but we have been radical change took place!

most dazzling, it is pale golden soul!

accompanied draw on the power of integration in xiaochen soul gold, the more rich at an alarming rate, a Unit of intrepid soul fluctuations Gudang endlessly, exudes a golden aura, has been almost exactly the same with the gold seal.


flesh, surging flow of mana crazy, making sound like ocean tsunami, both in quantity and quality, far more than before comparing increased tenfold! But this growth is not “broken dollar” is the kind of uncontrolled madness skyrocketing, but a powerful force in control of. King of the spirits of the force burning gold seal lessons directly into his body, but followed almost killing Tao practice law, mellow nature, to enhance the natural magic when he will be able to control.

xiaochen ideas under control, his crazy rotating body strength, he felt this force has reached the limit of tolerance flesh between circulation, and even has let his body tingling birth of a Unit, a kind will soon exceed the soul to feel in control.

in this state, he vaguely touch that an invisible membrane, as long as it is broken, he will be able to successfully make a breakthrough, take a crucial step on the road monasticism!

but let him concentrate all the power of soul, crazy magic manipulation operation, a time of impact, it seems that every time these membrane broke, but, after all, is the difference between the last line, the delay can not break through.

gold into India still has the power to the body, but can not change the state of the moment, and mana running overload state, has let his soul to the limit state, if continues, I am afraid to break ranging from complete, it will lose to control the power of the body, when the power of runaway, directly tore his flesh, and the outbreak from the inside, destroyed the entire left eyebrow dojo.

xiaochen slight frown, though unwilling hearts, but the hearts ready to give up preparations. Perhaps today, yet it was not his repair of a breakthrough, the only opportunity for the future Zaixun.

But at this point, the soul space, except xiaochen soul and golden seal, the golden light suddenly appeared in the third group, the breath of spring came the moment belongs. A Unit cloudy white power, rapid gush from gold, as are attracted general, quickly integrate into xiaochen soul.



Rong State seal public domain asteroid has close to wild star system as territory, as the main territory of xiaochen can naturally draw due to the force of faith, into their own issue, enhance the repair.

Rong leave the country so far this year and a half, led by Xiao Quan should already stationed in the territory of the word Ministry galaxy, who had no shred of the power of faith came for xiaochen draw. Xiao Chen has in mind to give birth to this concern, but at the moment all doubts are solved!

belief in the power of

accumulation, at this moment as the river burst its banks swept vast stirred swept. Integration xiaochen soul moments, suddenly he sensed in that layer diaphragm up feeling more and more clear and true.

somewhere, pass on an idea to break my heart!

Xiao Chen Yuan Sheng big golden god suddenly, at this moment, and even conceal the gold seal of light, illuminating the whole soul space, filled with the power of faith, and that was the last trace of complement deficiency, the body suddenly rolling speed transfer mana accelerated.


gave the Qing Xiang Chen Xiao came from the body, soul dazzling gold color with visible speed deepened, more introverted, exudes a golden moment as intense as the waves churn up, the color becomes more rich!

body functioning vast stirred crazy magic moment like a runaway horse crazy general circulation, but do not cause any damage to the flesh would, in operation among the outgoing swallowed a powerful desire.

a new wave of bright minds realize xiaochen now, so he suddenly understood what is creation! Not simply open up one independent space, constructed its own kingdom of God, but to their own practice into a powerful supernatural, Rufen King Skyfire community, such as the burial of the dead corpse Emperor Qin circles, waving to be summoned, the release of monstrous force, kill enemies!

It is a means of creation environment

monks to have!

transformed the kingdom of God, into the supernatural!

if done other good God has been to open up the country’s monks, you also need a little bit of time to complete a solid form to change the kingdom of God, in order to complete its integration into the supernatural, and inspire the most powerful force. But since xiaochen into Daqian sector, there has not been opened up their own kingdom of God, overwhelmed repair a breakthrough, he will be able to put these two together simultaneously. The process of opening up the kingdom of God, we directly convert it to form a supernatural powers.


dojo, Xiao Chen suddenly opened his eyes closed, SG shining in his face was a bit pale. This is not cause body injury, but after the repair of a breakthrough, but can not get enough power to supplement its own emptiness caused by magic. This problem, you only need to learn enough spiritual power, after a complete natural supplement can be resolved.

burning power of the spirits of kings has been depleted, and even drew strength xiaochen over half of it in the integration of the power of faith to make a breakthrough. If you continue refining the ghosts of the dead emperor Qin, enough to elevate him to the pinnacle of magic in a short time. But now is not the time of crisis, but the idea of ​​a xiaochen turn, will put this plan. There are spirits of the dead Emperor Qin in hand, even if his hands had a powerful cards in the future if the event of a non-response to the crisis, they can display their “broken dollars” to let go of a war, there are spirits of the dead emperor as a “broken dollar” After supplemental source of power, enough to make him Houguwuyou.

“It turned out that this is the creation of virtual environment.” xiaochen whispered opening, his face showing clear understanding of color.

He only knew before

virtual environment creation, but between the realm of the Creator and the Creation successful throughout the territory between the monks, but until now the repair itself after reaching this point, the only truly understand the meaning of the virtual environment creation.

repair breakthrough creation environment, but never opened itself to the kingdom of God and the full integration of supernatural powers, is the creation of virtual environment, this level of monks, friars, though they have far more power throughout creation, more true to their integration into the kingdom of God Creation strong supernatural territory there is not a small gap. But no matter how broke the breakthrough is the imaginary creation environment monk, has set foot out of creation, only to be revised to enhance the future, you can actually set foot creation environment!

# # # # #

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670 Chapter Chaos origin

? induction among black and white mellow flow of yin and yang origin, at the moment in that interchange, there have been a trace of fusion power with each other, resulting in a new light cyan forces, although thin, but in this force appears moment, it has become the core of the origin of yin and yang, the two origin slowly around the new force flow, continuous integration. “Boiling Literature Network” huaixiu accompanied XiaoChen repair constant breakthroughs, foot imaginary creation environment, the yin and yang of origin has also been completely culmination into the “Five origin tactic” was never involved in a third territory!

creation of three parts, after the yin and yang, is chaos!

This fusion of yin and yang together

origin, to be called the origin of chaos! This is also the year when humanity xiaochen create the kingdom of God, the soul of creation through the successful integration of the draw of the “Five origin tactic” yin and yang origin border road after practice.

now, just waiting for him to repair to restore complete, you can open up the kingdom of God itself, until the completion of the integration of yin and yang origin, can be integrated into the supernatural into the kingdom of God, but also a further xiaochen further repair is truly based on habitat creation!

smile from his mouth to give birth, after entering Daqian community, because it is the golden seal, Xiao Chen has been an unprecedented practice speed!

community deep in the breakthrough creation.

hundreds of years now, it has crossed the unusual needs of tens of thousands of monks and even hundreds of years in the process in order to spend, breaking the creation, promotion creation!

Gold Seal Guards efficacy of course, but if no xiaochen own means to repair the rapid rise in the battlefield, it was the main country Jie, family fire burning corpse three kings and Emperor Qin territory of the strong foundation of the world champion spirits, repair is categorically impossible in a short surge to the point! And along with the repair promoted creation environment, relying on force to think of making gold seal repair quickly soared, gradually becomes difficult. His repair now, I want to quickly upgrade to repair at least need to be beheaded creation environment strong draw to Gold Seal of force in order to achieve their spirits. But Daqian profession, habitat creation monks already is absolutely strong, each with a strong identity background, do not say beheaded monks Creation difficulties and danger, even if successfully beheaded successful, it will probably provoke endless trouble.

With Gold Seal

but can quickly upgrade to make the repair habitat creation, Xiao Chen hearts have been met. As for future practice, they do not have to think too much in advance, boat to cross the bridge, perhaps in the future another chance.

promoted the creation of virtual environment, with his supernatural means, Daqian profession, will be barely have the power to protect themselves. Just waiting for the kingdom of God, he successfully opened, the real repair a firm creation, that is, of his great strides forward.

repair achieved in vitro to establish the kingdom of God is natural to follow! Until then, Xiao Chen from his goal, will be able to take a big step forward!

Rong Xiao Chen put the main country overwhelmed ambassador Dayan’s decision, the decision must be one of the most of his life doing wrong!

xiaochen deep breath, slowly adjusting interest rates, making the mood slowly stirring itself was quiet, eyes slightly idea of ​​a move, up the spirit of the moment sink element array operation, a plume of pure power from one million yuan crystal crazy Bay a converging channel spiritual power a light beam, such as thunder in rivers surging to xiaochen vivo perfusion away mad.

but overwhelmed, strength 萧晨承 by chance happens to be before the draw speed, holds many lessons as much as he has not swallowed. Ideas and then move up fully functioning element array Ling Ji, instant speed draw spiritual power surge, millions of power inherent in the crystal clear sense of speed can be reduced, and that spewing out of the horror of spiritual power, in effect matrix method, it As an only dragon in general, roaring into chasing its tail, drill directly into his flesh.

starry boat across the long tail of whistling in the void in front of the distant end of the line of sight, they can already see a faint galaxies appear to stretch.

there is a large swallow dynasty border!

them from there, not far away.

# # # # # # # # # # #

stretches Jun Zhang, bearing dignity, awe-inspiring coercion filled the void, the hearts of people feel awe. The ancient dragon banner, and that 一枚 Zhuanwen centered “Yan”, which is able to easily identify the identity of these people an army.

Dayan North Korea, Guards!

empire as a guard, guarding Concord’s army, the Guards have a whole big swallow most terrifying military forces number only sixty million, but comparable to ten billion army! Because adding Guards, is the lowest repair shattered the boundaries of territory!

In other words, this is a level above the shattered realm of monks composed of terror Corps, Army chief Qin Kai is the pinnacle of creation throughout the strong rumors!

selection can be entered Guards, repair requests are still followed, the most basic thing is to ensure absolute loyalty to the royal swallow! Only the most outstanding performance among the parties Legion soldiers, after layers of review, to join after the adoption.

Guards, but in a strong armed swallow under royal control, with absolute loyalty to swallow royal tyranny with unrivaled power!

Army Corps king!

invincible invincible weapon of war!

Although this is only the Guards only a few million, but exudes evil spirits, but it can force comparable to the hundreds of millions, Sheng army of daunting!

large accounts in the military, army command Zhang Lin Gaozuo bit, tall and wearing body armor Guards generals, now half-open eyes half closed, Jingru Tigers entrenched, the momentum to force people.

following on both sides, a number of Guards Captain awe while sitting, all deadpan, with evil eyes.

ground, a military probe knee kneel, “command, subordinate to send spies has been widely inquire about the news, still no news.”

Zhang Lin can not see his face

hearts joy, anger, silence quite a while, just waved.

ground that the military probe such as amnesty, salute again, this got respectful withdraw.

“Gentlemen, you are my instructions from His Majesty Ling Yu, follow this guide came out to greet his wife thistle, now swallow the moon, Jie envoy to lead the country falls into chaos sky burial farm wife missing, fear is worrying consequences. matter, although with You and I have nothing but blame Majesty, I am afraid to be implicated. “Xiashou, a Captain Chen Sheng open, his eyes flashed a bit Youse,” the matter, I still need to advance your care, seek countermeasures. ”

language this person down, a sudden burst of restlessness account. This time follow the command of the Beijing thought this was an opportunity to gain credit for, but things change, but some beyond their expectations. Sky burial field into confusion, Mrs. fear is hard to come out, if therefore be implicated, so why not be wronged.

“I was ordered to the border to meet, etc., now before the arrival of his wife, even out of the accident, the country should also be Rong Yan moon missions and negligence, and not be able to let these operators head!”

“Yes! Rong country missions to the border a few days ago have been placed for the time being in the military and now Mrs. accident, they could still safe, they will certainly not trying to protect his wife’s safety, when given the first sin!”

“won jung country missions, waiting for His Majesty drop sin!”

account Zhujiang have openings, and now since the accident, someone drop the charges, they do not, they only had Rong country missions. Most of the vent to the anger of His Majesty the mission who, even though they would be subjected to some of the implicated lot of punishment also tends to weaken.

Zhang Lin is still a calm demeanor, seeing Morohito discuss the results, just slowly opening, “That being so, things change so decided. solid Lun by you personally led 100,000 soldiers, won jung country missions, if There are against the killing place, one must not run away. ”


Xiashou, said it was the first to open up the Captain, leading the military orders, and turned out the account away. Mustered soldiers, thousands of troops manage to escape the light and go, imposing sky, vast stirred coercion world, toward Rong country resident missions.

Guards a move, already alarmed the Yan State of the military, intelligence passed at breakneck speed into the side of the king of accounts among the military.

who sits Dayan northeastern border, but Xiao Yue, Yan junior in high position, one of the four kings army, though ranking bottom, but already holds heavy army under the command of eighty million, the number of galaxies spread barracks , stationed at the border.

“is just looking for a scapegoat for that matter, to shirk responsibility for nothing.” Xiao Yue slightly shook his head, mouth hint of sneer. If not because of who the empress palace in the background, he would not be a mere command of the Guards on the eyes. Status to him this realm, not the slightest identity Guards force of deterrence, his eyes already look at the whole perspective of the State of Yan, the role of natural Nothing unusual its eyes, “the matter will immediately they go, if the lady really out of things, after all, is someone to drop the charges, the king is no need to intervene, beating the empress who took the opportunity to sell a accede. ”

“princes remark pole is the palace who entrenched the years, a strong female family background, not necessarily in the house may not have entered.”

beneath a counselor respectful openings.

Xiao Yue nodded, turning to let the military probe recede.

# # # # # # # # # # #

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671 Chapter countenance

? Rong country resident missions. “Boiling Literature Network” huaixiu

mission officials gathered in the main tent, all looking worried, eye

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White, the Young’s talent and the opportunity to practice under his never Wan Road, on the attention from the teacher, I am afraid that he is even higher than on a chip. Can make him so seriously treat the public and certainly not profane Rong Guoqing cloud generation! Shimmering eyes, his face the color pondered, “Since time is running out, you and I will not in this delay, there is also the brother of a teacher giving a boat under the stars can be used as a means of magic, to be arranged for the next brother paused one should be things you and I will leave it immediately. ” christian louboutin outlet

“Thistle brothers are going back?” Yan moon cheeky surprised colors.

“go back to escort Mrs. Dayan, nature is the most critical thing, all the way back to the thistle debriefing, the teacher asked the. how? Are Young not welcome?” Yuan Ling brothers laughing openings.

swallow the moon cheeky suspicion of color, “I am afraid that the main purpose of the brothers wanted to find out something about the chaos in the sky above the burial field it this way.”

“Haha, no matter if you lonely on the way, I think you should not refuse Young brothers this requirement son. And as the brother of your mouth Albatron public also quite curious to see what is the character , but she was Young so dear. ”

“Then please brothers should quickly arrange one thing right, Young went to wait outside.” Yan moon face is full of frustration, but the hearts slightly relieved. Although the fire clan, tribe Run out the corpse has been through, but not necessarily no other danger, senior counterparts have overwhelmed security naturally greatly increased.

half an hour later, to be spiritual element brothers arranged, the two men from the back door to leave.

“Chen Yan Yuan Ling, see his wife.” Yan Yuan Ling Yan is also a big clan, royal blood in vivo comparison Yan Yan moon a bit more polished, but within five royal blood, but at the moment for girls is still very respectful .

Yan moon stepped forward, and said: “Madame, the Yan Yuan Ling adults, but I Dayan Kai Yuan star arrangement on spy chief, Wei Chen is also a senior, and the rest go back to the big swallow up the road, Brother will be escorted his wife and Wei Chen. ”

sit high and Cheng first, his face calm, apply a little makeup, bearing grace and honor, and heard nodded and said:. “So, we would like to thank Yan Yuan Ling grown up.”

“lady too serious, these are the minister’s duty.” Yan Yuan Ling hearts micro cold, underground passage this lady really is not an unusual character, but this tolerance, the woman would not generally comparable, fill Yan Huang air transport defects efficiency coupled with such a beautiful face, how can not please the king favor, the future status of the palace, the fear is very high, the moment more respectful demeanor.

“Kai Yuan Yan star spies, although the scope of my activities, but there are often signs his spy activities in the country, in order to ensure the safety all the way over his wife no longer complicate the matter, Mrs. Robinson, please leave as soon as possible.”

and Cheng Taishou not heard, eyes look to swallow the moon.

swallow the moon naturally understand the meaning of his wife, hand opening, “Mrs. Do not worry, though unconscious national companies, but the injury is to restore the body, only to be recovered can wake up, hurry does not have an impact on his injury.”

“Mrs. Chen Yi please leave very early, in order to maintain full.”

and Cheng nodded and said: “That being so, he said, such as two adults, which we will go.”


and Yan Yan Yuan Ling salute while the moon, but could not resist an awe-inspiring hearts. It seems that his wife really for the public is extremely valued Qingyun, fortunately Young reminded before they otherwise would provoke fear is really coming calamity.

Yan Yuan Spirit who opens one of the world’s small mustard, said loudly offended, let his wife first to enter, followed by Chen Xiao Yan moon leaning upon.

Daqian profession, though not too much mustard in the world treasure, but it is also not unusual monk can have, which supplies Yan Yuan Ling order, though not as low, but the range is not necessarily as much as xiaochen hands dojo.

settlement house owned, Yan Yuan Ling 一枚 mustard with this world silently left the Kai Yuan star, remove that starry boat, so after three out, this little thing suddenly glow Astral, turned into a ghost, whistling away.

this starry-order goods than silver boat shuttle is much higher than some of the current month, more interior space, barely built one small courtyard, into the main hall, master bedroom, Guest bedroom three parts.

master bedroom alone and Cheng, remove the geocentric pole fire jade bed, lying on a quiet moment, feeling the overflow from a plume of warm casual atmosphere, surrounded by working in a jade dragon, fighting back to see XiaoChen impulse, slowly falling asleep. From today, she wanted to know clearly their own identity, the only way it will not bring him cataclysms.

xiaochen in a coma, but fortunately the body gradually stable atmosphere, was placed among the Guest bedroom.

Yan Yuan Ling, Yan moon two, is among the main hall, the former front-line handling boat starry, starry sky burial confusion about who is responsible for the field issues. They open from time to time to talk about it, the moon will swallow some horizons, give all the unspeakable things omitted, meanders, is enough to make a solemn face Ling Yan Yuan, the degree of risk of confusion sky burial field, actually still in He imagined above.

sky among the stars Dayan border rush toward the boat.

# # # # # # # # # # #

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Chapter 668

sense breakthrough


half, Xiao Chen woke up.

swallow the moon then came to him and said to understand the situation now, and introduced Yan Yuan spirit with him. Xiao Chen to mind, naturally easy to see hide a lot of things buried in the confusion between the farm rhetoric swallow the moon, but these exactly what he wanted, naturally not say the last part.

and Cheng then came to visit, but only slightly to stay for a while, then got up to leave.

Yan Yuan Xiao Chen Ling seems very interested, but was seriously injured after swallow the moon needs exceedingly rest of the reason, he pulled out, leaving one person xiaochen cultivation in the room.

trio has to be gone, xiaochen slight frown, although the soul has not been restored, but not interfere with his soul swept the room, make sure that no wrong, That waving cloth under the ban. Before unconscious fashion is good, and now both have to wake up naturally can not then there is no preparedness. This is not to swallow the moon, Yan Yuan Ling They do not trust, but a monk basic instinct, which the monks did not want their every move under the attention of others.

done this, he was a slight frown, my mind flashed a width slightly blurred picture. Comprehension on the day the giant star, Xiao Chen is not a sudden awakening of his will, but the strange xiaochen when trading with Heaven!

but overwhelmed his mind there was a faint intuition, that ruthless indifference, depending on things like no matter xiaochen, perhaps more precisely, in order to achieve his own special moment in a particular state.

while in this state, he has power, but also far beyond his imagination!

That beat the Black Sea

excitation magical day rise, strong Vaillant, the comparison he can release the power of the far more powerful and even a few times a hundred times! If one day, when he can do it freely control into a state, it might also have qualifications in this sector in Daqian dash!

although I do not know how to inspire this kind of super-state, but has now been out of the woods, nature is no better. Moreover, the Gold Seal of Emperor Qin king’s corpse and burning soul, but also some great harvest.

confusion sky burial field repeated distress, and even forced twice to display “broken dollar”, also experienced a feeling some super state, let xiaochen faint hearts give birth to an intuition, perhaps overwhelmed, his cultivation can make use of these two habitats of the strong foundation of the world champion soul further!

dark eyes shining bright in SG, if really you can successfully go further into Daqian sector will be a column in the strong future of the rally forces to protect themselves, even if the strong foundation of the world champion territory, but also to get away defeat . Really no retreat, desperate to let go of a war, whether the winner is yet to be seen!

xiaochen foot step forward, figure directly disappear, a black stone falls to the ground.

now dead clan, tribe Run out of the fire had been crushed, another swallow the moon, Yan Yuan Ling sits outside the two should not be unexpected. Prior to taking advantage of the big swallow, restoring the body strength, and even closer, nature is the best choice.

these things, of course, is to be carried out in the dojo.

left eyebrow dojo practice room, xiaochen figure appeared directly Zuodao cross-legged with eyes closed. Soul space, light golden soul suddenly opened eyes, slightly pondered, slowly opening, “gold seal, I need the help of the spirits of power to supplement the loss, leaving the repair itself further! Take one of the two spirits, which forces you and me sharing of, how? ”

language down, a quiet soul space, but there is no impatience xiaochen impatience, waiting for the golden seal quiet reply.


quite a while, over the soul, golden seal directly to surface, although not to answer, but suddenly grow up fine delicate patterns, with soaring golden aura, are sufficient to indicate its attitude. It seems that after a day XiaoChen super state, golden seal his attitude will have some changes, or a little more recognition for him. Otherwise, it would not be so easily agree XiaoChen’s request, half the power of the spirits with him.

But at the moment, Xiao Chen has no time to think about the matter, along with the gold seal of the change, one pure and powerful forces from spewing out xiaochen direct infusion into the soul among spread to his entire body.


need refining, but this force is too strong, strong enough to require XiaoChen concentrate all our efforts in order to integrate itself barely body. Creation champion spirits throughout half the power to do enough to help him repair the complex, and even further!

dojo, Xiao Chen fully repair, the impact of their efforts to repair the bottleneck on the road ahead to launch impact higher realm.

# # # # # # # # # # #

from Kai Yuan stars arriving at the border Dayan, even all the way to a smooth, nearly half the time it needs.

a little secluded and Cheng, Xiao Chen has been in retreat infirmary injury, the only doubts as Yan Yuan Ling Yan on the moon only one person, nearly half the time, the field will be chaos sky burial detail about a number of issues times. Fortunately, well prepared to swallow the moon, something they do not respond to expose wrong with that, but his face was full of frustration of color.

“Brother, all the chaos in the sky burial field I have already told you, there is nothing really missed the place where you will let me.”

speak the same thing a few times, and even a link to face repeated dozens of times in the inquiry, even swallow the moon heart endurance is good, at the moment you want to have some crazy feeling.

Yan Yuan Ling smiled, his face was not the slightest bit embarrassed, hand patted the shoulder swallow the moon, and said: “Well, now reluctantly let go before you, but have to wait until after the thistle, if necessary , I will look for you, when you can be allowed to refuse if this matter so as brother satisfied, I will propose to the opening of the teacher, the lotus junior sister apprentice pointed out to you as companion. to your repair now, around There should also be an individual. ”

Yan moon face suddenly reddened, waved, but can not say any words of refusal.

Ling Yan Yuan “ha ha” laugh of the Young’s mind he would look in the eyes, but unfortunately lotus junior sister apprentice obsessed with two of his brothers have always been cool. However, after the matter, the moon Young feats, His Majesty is bound to be rewarded, also jumped in front of the teacher position, presumably also make lotus junior sister apprentice change it.

“rest assured that this time you have a great service, if requested Swami opening move things when there are no surprises.”

swallow the moon took a deep breath, his face barely restore calm, now up to Yan Yuan Ling respectful salute, “If the matter can become, Young will be the brothers owed a favor in the future must be rewarded.”

“Well, this thing back then thistle are made late, but now is not far from the border, according to brother know, His Majesty’s Guards have been dispatched to the border camp, waiting for his wife soon. overwhelmed leader guy, You do not how to deal with. “Yan Yuan Ling frowned, then shook his head helplessly. The leader sent him to come, apparently in order to gain credit for the empress who seen the palace, home of the younger generation to develop their own mother did spare no effort.

swallow the moon sank his face, “Zhang Lin?”

Yan Yuan Ling nodded. “After all, he distinguished identity, but then things have gone a long time, you’d better not happen conflict with him, so as not to get in trouble,” Speaking here, he frowned slightly and said: “Even I swallow the country into the territory of the country without his assassin may not exist on the way you and I need to pay more a bit careful, care was given to Mrs. security. “Zhang Lin to pro, who is the queen should not secretly shot, But there is still probably the actual occurrence of cloth in order maze of suspicion, had to prevent. So he did not go back to the message passed out lady has Enron, is just in case.

“brothers say is that he is now commanding the Guards, identity respected, I naturally would not embarrass him.” swallow the moon a deep breath, his face gradually restore calm, “but if he dares to feel two Italian lady, I This time not to miss any opportunity for him to win the. ”

“know your heart is good, but is still hope that everything will calm down brother, we go without a fuss.”

“This is not our fellow can grasp things are calm or stormy, we must look at the meaning of the palace who empress.” swallow the moon mouth to reveal faint sneer, “This time, Mrs. palace, I am afraid to let her upset it. ”

“Young, cautious!”

“yes, brother.”

two men then changed the subject, on the upcoming encounter with Zhang Lin Yan vigilance matters after entering the country for a lot of deliberation, thoughtful means a lot to deal only after each shut up without saying, cross-legged, eyes closed Zuodao begin to adjust status. Yan will soon resist the border, they want to peak, to deal with all the twists and turns that may arise.

# # # # # # # # # # #

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669 Chapter promotion

and Cheng leaning against the bed, was covered by a thin Jinbei, one hand holding the jade dragon in one hand and a shiny red fruit, lips slightly parted, white teeth gently force, biting peel, delicious very sweet juice entrance, revealing a hint of her mouth smile. ()

While this fruit in this life saved to send her the most beautiful period of quiet time. That day star shine bright sun, that a small courtyard, those flowers, those stupid fish … And that man away from her close close.

eaten fruit, stone and Cheng will receive good care, and so she was ready to settle down, and then try to grow them, and even then how can not go back, so looking at, but also a thought.

silent heart forget about it, from the Yan State border, it should be near it, to stay at his side running out of time … and Cheng face some sadness, but it will soon be hard to calm her down. She is satisfied that the new Mrs. Yan Emperor, grateful to be full of joy, you can not have the slightest strange demeanor.

She will swallow

confidence to enter the palace, never gave him any trouble.

she will work hard to live, if not with him, you can also hear his message in the future when it occasionally.

she will work hard!

dragon hands tightened and Cheng Yu, slightly turn a blind eye, you want to hold back the tears dripping, in the heart keep telling myself, to laugh, to laugh … girl mouth, revealing a faint smile, delicate and beautiful, so perfect shell, wrapped in layers of her heart, and then not open to others.

left eyebrow dojo.

xiaochen soul within

space around the delicate gold printed pattern more dense honorable up dazzling gold, rich as real general, filled with the soul space. Pure, mighty strength, surging out from the Golden India, into xiaochen body.

burning spirits of the inherent power of kings, is drawn golden seal refining, into two,

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Fell.christian louboutin outlet

underground abyss, that figure baizhang terror momentum disappear in an instant, along with the throne at the moment exhaustively petrochemicals.



crack from a road at the foot of the statue from its breakneck speed to spread throughout the body, eventually collapse into a land of rubble, falling into the condensation has dried lava lake.


Xianyang Lishan.

as Qin royal shrine dedicated to fathers, perennial heavily guarded, steep mountains Mist-shrouded, there are hundreds of millions of warriors front guard, either you supernatural monstrous, repair guise, without permission, can never expect to enter the half-step.

yīn black sè dead air will cover every inch of the rocks are included, the sky obscured by a blanket of darkness yīn dark forest filled with yīn decadent atmosphere. The house stretches along the mountain cloth, Buyi, ten steps Court; Gallery waist unadorned back, canopies tooth picks, luxury jīng side was the United States, seems to Temple!

Palace name, Awa.

in this Fanggong a house, a block of large and small tablets, according to the status hierarchy, arranged in order from top to bottom. Higher up, the larger tablets, the fewer the number, to the highest level, there is only a hint of black gas diffuse group, in which the tablets virtual shadow looming, people can not see real.

but at the moment, in the third layer 一枚 tablets, now suddenly split, accompanied by a “popping” sound Qing Xiang, direct fragmentation.

broken tablets will be in this moment, the hall outside a dead air beam sky, there came the dull chime sound throughout the Lishan mountain slowly back dàng.

numerous temples, and now suddenly fly out of a corpse pale faces sè family monks, a slight contraction of the pupil look unto the dead air beam direction, face sèyīn sink water.

holy temple bit mutation, then the family of the dead among the mighty imminent demise of the monks!

Kai Yuan star said before a long long time, and soon after, was a prosperous unparalleled comprehension star appeared in the sky húnluàn burial field. As one of the stars from húnluàn comprehension recent burial field stars, countless monks from all directions Daqian community come together, making it in a short time, become quite well known throughout Daqian circles comprehension stars. But with the passage of time, húnluàn sky burial field fierce name reputations, fewer and fewer monks come, let Kai Yuan Star Charm on such a short period of time in a very short fade away.

For now, Kai Yuan star has completely lost indefinitely. Gradual depletion of comprehension resources by making the Kai Yuan-order goods falling star quite close to the star point, just because it was the fame, barely able to keep the low-grade comprehension star status. As a neutral comprehension star, now dominated by a few small forces with Kai Yuan star power, there are many stars would come here to sell their stolen treasures. Azimuth remote, low-order goods, there is no special production, except for a few games come to pay their last respects húnluàn sky burial monks, few outsiders come here.

But this day, there are three foreign monks came to the Kai Yuan star.

an appearance of an ordinary middle-aged monk, a child with veil concealed with a faint mí nv in youth.

This is a strange combination

naturally attracted a lot of Kai Yuan star monk’s eyes, but only so far, that middle-aged monk in vitro diffuse faint breath, enough to show that his cultivation!

successful habitat creation strong!

such repair, the Kai Yuan star is in excellent shape already exist, even if it nv graceful posture yòu child, youth faint mí unconscious, with a middle-aged man a man, would be sufficient to deter all secretly live actors stupid stupid yù .

[Chapter V, seeking monthly! 】

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Kai Yuan Star Chapter 666

“three Keguan Come, let the city of Liu Kai Yuan Restaurant is ten years old, Kai Yuan star club grandparents are monks, fair trade, fair prices, safe and clean, will not let you down. ”

servant meet up with deft hands and feet, slightly stooped, mouth the words of a series of very easy to read.

middle-aged monk nodded, “if not know the reputation of your home, the three of us staying here, you will not come up. arrange a courtyard on the good, to clean some may not bother some people.”

“was le, Keguan you are inside, please!”

trio behind with this servant, selected the courtyard, a few middle-aged monk readily Yuan Jing, many thanks happily let the servant go.

off the courtyard, carefully opened the ban, although some simple, but for isolated soul exploration, but it has been enough. Middle-aged monk walking hurriedly entered the room, the woman has been off the scarf, Qiaolian pale, but still conceal its stunning beauty, the moment is take care of that coma youth, his eyes full of tenderness.

middle-aged monk watching the scene, a little silence, or respectful opening, “Lady, now we have to get rid of the kill, leaving chaos sky burial field, if you are really good for the Albatron public should know how to do best.”

the three monks, is to get away from the chaos sky burial field XiaoChen trio!

Black day on

comprehension star, Xiao Chen cotton wool forces that help break open a black channel, some of which Dianpei after entering, leaving until later, actually has left chaos sky burial field.

xiaochen directly coma after escape, swallow the moon a lot of star chart carefully checked and found not far from the Kai Yuan star, three will come straight here.

and Cheng Yan naturally understand the meaning of the moon, delicate face slightly stiff, exposed color eye pain, but took a deep breath, or a slight nod, “Yan adults worry, I know how to do.”

Speaking here, girls slight pause, then Taishou, calm eye look to swallow the moon, “Yan adults, although I do not know how to hide himself in secret, but surely should not be the case unusual, and perhaps future Yan palace, can get a place. overwhelmed by multi-Mongolian adult help, I remember some kindness in the hearts of the future if the opportunity will definitely return for adults, but what happened in the confusion sky burial field, I hope that adults can assure you that the future never to any people mentioned. ”

Yan micro-cold hearts of the moon, he understood the meaning of the girl, the moment of awe nodded and said: “Madame assured that the government had taken refuge with his wife Yun male escort confusion sky burial field, under lucky to get out leave, Albatron public to save his wife injuries, there would be no other thing. ”

Mrs. Wong Yan

but filled the air transport of people, if not shallow roots, later to become the temple of the Lord even if not impossible. But even so, they can not prevent her swallow the palace became the most favored woman!

she meant, did not dare to defy nature swallow the moon, or else at a later date, he is no longer afraid Dayan among foothold. Even the teacher, it may not be able to be sustained him.

And, on top of the road, he suffered repeated Fan Xiao Chen kindness, if not a xiaochen, he had died in the chaos among the stars burial field! Gratitude does not swallow the moon reported Boqingguayi generation, all these alone, he would hide the chaos sky burial field.

and Cheng nodded, his eyes fell again xiaochen face, sensing his weakness atmosphere at breakneck speed being restored in the hearts of microamps, complex and give birth to an sour dismay, he was her life and depressed.

swallow the moon say well, if do not want to harm him, she should keep enough distance with him. Regardless of how the mind for thought, we can not reveal the slightest trace.

“Madame, please let us stay with Albatron public here, if not necessary, do not leave the inn, we go back to the minister to prepare for the big things need to swallow.” Yan moon hearts slight sigh, respectful salute, turned to exit the room In addition, strode away.

sky burial field near chaos comprehension few recent star on eight foes arranged absolutely confidant Empire spies, careful exploration of the chaos in the sky burial field hidden secrets, even from time to time, will be sent into chaos Star slain burial field, although they rarely can someone come back, but still failed to curb interest confusion Star Empire Eight burial field.

obviously a long time ago, eight from the Empire found some really interesting stuff them.

star Kai Yuan, Yan is dormant spy place. If not respected teacher status, Yan did not know the moon qualifications of this matter, and he should do now is to get help from the State of Yan spy place.

Silver stream shuttle has been destroyed, in order to conceal the whereabouts of the treasure they need a means of transport carried hurry.

left the inn, swallow the moon first in the long street to shake left and right swing looked around, the way some specialty wine tasting Kai Yuan star on the delayed nearly half an hour to determine the small tail behind no, this sideways into Long a secluded lane.

long alley deep, long intervals will have a solitary wicket.




swallow a few silent moon, a small figure stopped in the seventh door, knocked on the door.

not long, faint footsteps came, Emmanuel shimmering ban has been removed, a man dressed in costumes servant opened the door, his eyes fell upon swallow the moon, and said: “Will the adults, but asked to see my master, Why not from the main entrance? ”

“I have come from a thistle, which is proof of the identity of the officer, Please Tongbing, the officer asked to see there are events.” Yuehua Jian, Emmanuel shimmering in his hand, took out a small seals.

`man face slightly changed, curved camel’s back straight, eyes in the dim fine shiny, reached out to take the start of the seals, close walking hurriedly away.


moment, a small door opened again, and that man is not come, but the two middle-aged monk, nodded to swallow the moon, to bring him into the courtyard.

“Yan adults please, my head in the den waiting for you.” two monks lead the way respectful salute, then turned and stood aside, there are few surprises in mind, I do not know what exactly is the swallow adult identity, and leaders are talking about issues, actually that even they did not know the qualifications.

swallow the moon nodded slightly, push the door.


study, a pale face 孔修士 after the comfort of their desk, table where the seals swallow the moon, slowly opening, “the moon, long time no see.”

Yan Micro moon stayed, then the meaning of cheeky ecstasy, “Yuan Ling brother, how are you here?”


desk monk smiled and nodded, “then the brother came by Wong Kai Yuan star secret life, presided over the matter here, because it involves confidential, China announced it was closing the die off, you my fellow have not seen the last millennium right and today if not to see yourself, I thought it was someone else got your seals come. “Speaking here, Yuan Ling Yan brothers eyes fell upon the moon,” the moon, as far as I know you go back to lead the Lady Thistle are, in the aftermath of the corpse in the middle of the family, clan creation strong Run out the fire, forced into chaos sky burial field, now see you unharmed, presumably this is also a rumor. Yes, how do you avoid opening kill, his wife and is now where? ”

swallow the moon a little smile, a little thought, said: “The brothers probably wrong, Young led his wife to flee with Albatron male, was dead clan, tribe Run out of this impasse fire really broke into chaos sky burial field . ”

“What!” Yuan Ling brothers exclamation, “You entered a chaotic sky burial field, how can you stand here now?”

“brothers do not have shocked Young, who just had a bit of luck, to get away from the chaos cock sky burial field in order to prevent eye-catching, the wife and I stay in the inn Albatron public, especially to help Young, search a means of magic, thistle are back. ”

Yuan Ling brothers eyes shocked meaning dispersed, give birth to two groups raging flames burn hot, his eyes gazed upon the moon fell swallow, “you actually break a chaotic sky burial field! Young, told me that what a nebula What’s hidden secrets? hosted here for the brother of tens of thousands of things, the dispatch slain less than people into them, you can come back alive were very few, mostly at the edge of the area, there is not deep into the nebula. ”

Yan moon face slightly changed, the eyes reveal scared of color, “the specific issues, not elaborate now, go back to Thistle until after all, Young certainly have detailed knowledge of which will be recorded and a copy sent to the brothers, now the most critical of It is back with his wife owned thistle are. ”

“. Young said good, but it is too anxious for the brother of the” spiritual element brothers nodded, eyes shimmering, said: “It is better that 戎国青 Young will leave the public cloud, let him mess with sky burial field study , brother ready for the treasure, then under the command of the monks sent to escort you and your wife is. ”

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Chapter 667


Yan moon face changed, and his dedication to the moon brothers temper quite understand, presumably Yan Majesty also because of this, will let him to preside over chaos sky burial field matters, if done to others, may not be able to withstand this copies of loneliness. And he could tell, the tone between the brothers, not to xiaochen on the eyes. In his capacity as a large swallow of repair, and a teacher of the disciples, not the small country dependent country in the eyes of the public to see, is nothing too big.

but this did not work!

Although already promised his wife will not drop confusion sky burial field something to tell anyone, but it does not mean he can really forget. Yan moon hearts have been identified, Xiao Chen certainly will not be limited to the identity of the future, will have a soaring when. Jung also considered one of the main country though out the main repair is not weak, but he may not be able to suppress xiaochen maintained, perhaps in the future, a large banquet more powerful dependencies.

even without mentioning the identity aside, one of his own super emerge repair, the creation of the following would be sufficient to call it the strongest! If you really think that hard … aggressive and overbearing occult surge in inflation for the repair, then let swallow the moon hearts shock!

In this state, even if it is to deal with the real creation throughout the Mighty, I am afraid XiaoChen can fight with the front! Moreover, comprehension star on a black day, Xiao Chen into the strange state that has not witnessed a war, although I do not know the final outcome swallow the moon, but eye-catching bright golden and the Black Sea waves surging sound, even if separated by a numerous space, but he could hear clearly, you can feel where the slightest breath came. This atmosphere very light, let him give birth to an irresistible, just a slight tremor, he will be able to obliterate the idea. The battle of the object, whether it is dawei burning corpse Emperor Qin King and he did not know, but the heart faint kind of intuition, I am afraid that the two can no longer emerge from the chaos sky burial field came. So, in addition to admire Chen Xiao addition, hidden deep in his heart there is a trace of awe!

monks fear the same level, it seems ridiculous to say, but the fact is the case.

thoughts quickly turn the room, his face unknowingly swallow the moon into awe, slowly Taishou eyes a dignified, “Yuan Ling brothers, surely you got some from the teacher at the news, knowing the identity of his wife is no trivial matter. while Rong Guoqing public cloud , Mrs. frequently kindness overwhelmed in the chaos of the sky burial field, if not Albatron male shot, perhaps Young and his wife have been buried where it can not be safely left. mention Albatron public now seriously unconscious, even if he unscathed, Young will advise senior Mo fight his idea, his wife will certainly be attracted dissatisfaction fear the future there will be a lot of trouble. ”

Yuan Ling brothers face slightly changed, slowly opening, “So there is the matter, but added thanks to Young advice, or do not really fear is the perception would be offended lady.” He also distinguished identity comparison swallow some of the moon, for this Mrs. naturally understand the future status bit Yan State in the future who offended her, I’m afraid no good fruit to eat.

swallow the moon a little hesitation, or gritted his teeth and said: “Yuan Ling Yun brothers must not underestimate the public, Young ourselves have always been highly regarded in the eyes of people, but they get along with their time, and claims that the words contrast with his gap can not be the least bit computing! future, this is definitely not the public Albatron abounds! ”

million micro-cold hearts of spiritual brothers, “as the brother know, thank Young reminded.” his identity somewhat higher than swallow the moon, but also the hearts of the Ming

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Has been a great deterrent, suddenly shocked Bianyu to escape, but the mouth is only golden soul uttered a faint low hum, these black cotton wool energy Piansi by the absolute repression, and then unable to move the slightest.

shabu!christian louboutin outlet

under the moon eager gaze Yan, Xiao Chen eyes suddenly open, but it in the eyes, the moon seems to swallow but it is so strange, even with him in this moment the heart stops beating, the blood almost condensed into Ice!

He even had an intuition, only a slight change in his eyes, he will be able to put to death!

Fortunately xiaochen eyes just swept him over, he turned to look in one direction, at the foot step forward, figure instantly disappear!

pressure swallow the moon suddenly disappeared, pale, mouth, big mouth breathing, the body was already cold sweat robes give all wet! Just a horrible feeling that he really can not believe that actually comes from xiaochen body.

indifferent merciless eyes, just like God slander overlooking the mortal mind changes, which can destroy all the world!

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664 chapter of the Black Sea King Day

different temperament, totally different feeling, if not personally see him wake up, swallow the moon absolutely can not believe that this person will be xiaochen, even if both have exactly the same appearance.

but the fact is at hand, this one is XiaoChen! It can only be him!

Moreover, he can not only get rid of the terrorist attractive force at the foot of Fengyun comprehension star, had just left the way, if he had not misread it, but directly into the space of itself, this is the real Teleport supernatural! Compare the strong momentum of the outbreak of an unusual habitat creation means life and tear of space, I do not know how many times clever!

this means, swallow the moon only in his old corpse, great teacher Yue Yan Emperor who had seen.

But today, Xiao Chen also did it!

Yan moon hearts a mess, I feel the whole world suddenly became crazy.

# # # # # # # # # # #

burning King sneer, without the slightest Lianxiangxiyu heart, Paoxiu strokes, and Cheng beat to beat down.

Although the satellite Fengyun comprehension forces suppressed, but his champion habitat creation there will not be any change in the repair. To repair his best shot even if not, it is enough to kill the girl at the moment, it Xingshenjumie!

sigh sincere sincerity of the wish to always have to come. Since the fate of the doomed family to let her die fall fire burning in the hands of the King, she can be. Even just last wish all Vaillant completed, or some faint unwilling ah.

Oh, it really is an ominous man, God even refused her last wish to meet.

honest sincerity in opening whispered, “Xiao Chen, Farewell.”

but falling in the hands of the King burning moment, stretched out in front of the vanity and Cheng suddenly a hand, and the burning of King Ying Han a note, that towering figure appeared Qingpao With Fan Zhen Li flew back instantly, but When the girl’s hand stopped back waist, the figure fell on top of it as a mirror of the dark sea.

“Xiao Chen!”

burning kings face changed, Di among foes is incredible meaning.

this sudden, he beat down the people to resist, even be XiaoChen!

black coffin Emperor down dead silence the moment, seems to have been struck by the front of the scene.

body financial world, hundreds of millions in the twinkling of an eye, this is the real sector Daqian teleport! Space Apart origin who control the other monks want to do this, at least repair the realm to achieve the pinnacle of creation, regardless of the distance obscurity door step away!

but they XiaoChen repair is extremely clear, but is a mere creature successful territory, although Daqian circles can be considered a strong, but the two can not even be on the eyes. But now, he actually revealing the pinnacle of creation and above the realm of the supernatural monks Teleport to master. And by virtue of his cultivation, actually be able to beat King Ying Han burning and safe!


Kamijina comprehension star on!

Qin Emperor King hearts burning corpse and give birth to this idea at the same time, in their opinion, the only way to explain why the sudden power surge xiaochen to such a state! If they get the chance, I’m afraid we can achieve instant repair to the pinnacle of creation realm, only one step away from obscurity. If better luck in the comprehension Star Zaixun to other opportunity, and even directly into obscurity on this territory, it is not impossible!

After all, this is the sudden disappearance of ancient times Kamijina comprehension star, the rumors of the existence of the true spirit throughout the supreme abode!

Xiao Chen and Cheng clutch back in the palm of your hand to touch the moment the girl’s body, a layer of black silk from the moment her body stretched out, his body to go crazy diamond. But the next moment they fled like frightened general madness.

But at the moment, but it was too late.

big hands directly caught the dense black silk, and firmly pull the life and pull it from the body of the girl, brought to the hands, cotton wool into a mass of black energy group, which he gently force, direct pinching into pieces.

cotton wool black energy group in vitro, and Cheng’s body suddenly hit by imprisonment restore freedom, even burn ban under King cloth, also had just been broken to go together.

her hand clutching XiaoChen waist, she had thought he could no longer see him, to not think, in the final dying moments, his shot is actually rescued her!

but at the moment and Cheng Taishou, watching xiaochen ruthless indifference that is not the slightest temperature demeanor and eyes, but could not help but slightly shocked Jiaoqu her keen senses xiaochen state right now, actually give birth to a mind share the feeling of fear.

seems that Xiao Chen, she is not the person’s mind.

but at the moment, with the burning of the dead King of Qin Emperor also aware of this.

insight into XiaoChen cast in supernatural powers to teleport, and can not strive to grips with the burning of the King, they had been thinking about quitting two hearts, but at the moment looking at XiaoChen demeanor, but at the same time give birth to an idea in mind.

power surge, mind occupied!

if it has a complete sober sanity alone Teleport supernatural powers that would be sufficient to allow Xiaochen Li in an invincible position.

but the opportunity now … if he can join forces to suppress the moment, there is still Zhanla of his! After all, although he mastered the teleport supernatural powers, but did not have all the power throughout the pinnacle of creation. Just be killed, his body has not yet fully integrated the two forces can be absorbed, so that they can repair the inevitable rose!

just a momentary time, the King of Qin Emperor hearts burning corpse and has been a decision.



champion Habitat Creation breath broken body crashing straight into the sky, dead air flames billowing smoke blackening the sky, the two figure instantly turned into a black and red two virtual shadow, xiaochen straight away.

Di among Xeon supernatural powers already shot.

“Skyfire community!”


sky, a space crack suddenly appeared, hundreds of miles wide, nearly thousands of miles long. This is a world of flame, burning the entire piece of space eternal flames raging terror swept out from crimson salamanders.

“buried corpse circles!”

second channel space cracks appear, revealing a shade of black space, although the dim light, but through these cracks, you can see where the situation is still faint. It was buried corpse community, the cemetery was actually a similar place, a seat of large and small graves overwhelming stretches to the end of the line of sight, the number of dense, could not statistics. At the moment many graves violent tremor, a Unit of polished dark dead air moments come together, into a big black hand to xiaochen brazenly shot down!


Black Sea, facing two strong foundation of the world champion throughout the full shot, without the slightest change xiaochen face, eyes still a calm indifference of color, but this does not mean he will passively endure it all.


Paoxiu one hand stretched out toward the front of the two supernatural slowly took off.


soul space, golden seal golden and black cotton wool that is life and life to extract energy from the group at the moment, give it beat into his being.

below, the black sea without waves

, suddenly shook violently, the first waves appear at the end of the line of sight, yet falling, there will form a second channel surf, then is the third and fourth road … one moment of Inter have been the end of the line of sight from the distant thunder and to the countless layers endless wave superimposed layers, to here, already turned into a monstrous wild waves, their terror momentum, can swallow the sun and moon!

and reached the apex of the moment of momentum in the waves, the wave appears from that place, a golden sun rises suddenly, in an instant eye-catching bright golden outbreak instantly pierce the darkness throughout all heaven and earth.

black waves, Jinyang, the two forces, in this moment presents a perfect blend!

supernatural powers, the Black Sea up the day!

but overwhelmed, and perhaps should be called the Black Sea rose gold day more appropriate number.

Although this supernatural display and the Black Sea rose up exactly the same day, but to support it with supernatural forces of yin and yang, but not XiaoChen origin, but the gold seal of gold and black cotton wool that the energy group.

Because of this, the Black Sea rose Kim supernatural Vaillant, far beyond the Black Sea up the day countless times!

Qin Emperor dead, the burning of the two kings of the supernatural in bulk overflow sensor breath, mouth also issued a desperate roar, the creation of the crazy body exudes power, while the figure quickly receded to the rear.

they dared to kill Xiao Chen, naturally grasp withstand many days of his compass!

black coffin corpse that is the Emperor! This material but with a lifetime emperor dead, almost dead emperor have the same breath, as long as the critical moment, the emperor dead body with half the power of integration, then there is the burning of kings in essence and blood feeding, black coffin can be for many days they Dangxia compass arrow destroy God!

But now, faced with supernatural powers xiaochen palm shoot formed, but the hearts of both of them give birth to an imminent demise feeling completely. This feeling, to make them feel panic!

They are the foundation of the world champion

strong throughout, unless obscurity environment strong shot himself, who can not resist so that they give birth to the idea?

Xiao Chen, who could inspire the obscurity of the force!

# # # # #

evening there is a [more. 】

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665 Chapter mighty perish

Although hard to believe, but the King Emperor corpse and burn the action but not the slightest pause, Growl instantly open the black coffin, which occurs between one with decayed mummy, his body visible to the eye ròu speed fullness, into a twinkling of an eye name is quite handsome, middle-aged monk, this is the real face of the dead emperor. Uploaded by the users all the power of the body crashing == outbreak billowing flowing out, count them into the black coffin being. King reached directly burn cut wrist, a large jīng blood spewing out, it is directly absorbed by the black coffin.

combines the power of the emperor and the burning of the bodies of all kings do not count the number of jīng blood, black coffin at this moment have the power, equivalent to the superposition of the two throughout the strong foundation of the world champion all the power!

daunting atmosphere, completely broke from the black coffin, this thing in front of the diaphragm and the burning corpse Emperor King, Looking xiaochen supernatural blow.

but the next moment …


make two desperate crunch in contact with the magical moment came xiaochen. Black coffin suddenly shocked, since the first cracks appeared, then madness spread throughout the coffin as spider-like body, and ultimately broken, silent in into jifen.

supernatural powers dissipated, Dili burning corpse and two kings sè frightened face, body motionless, but if it is looked thin, can find their eyes in a bleak, no slightest look. Without warning, the two bodies appear directly a road crack, just like the black coffin in general, no sound of the crash spilled into jifen.

two Habitat Creation champion strong, die!

and Cheng Meimou widened, small mouth open, while Jiaoqu stiff.

Creation strong environmental champion, what a powerful presence, she is naturally clear. That is to have sub-chiang ripper, self strong presence of the kingdom of God, just like the main country Rong, is the pinnacle of creation environment champion monks.

But for now, Emperor Qin family fire burning corpse king, he was so direct kill, Xingshenjumie.

less nv hearts filled with endless shock dàng, but in this earthquake dàng being, but also has a hint of panic and fear can not be suppressed. Xiao Chen who, exactly what happened? Has allowed his power surge in a short time so amazing happened!

xiaochen indifferent eyes without temperature slightly dim, lù a thick sè weariness. Now for the repair, or too weak, ah, is not enough to sustain the support of his present state. Eyes on this black sè comprehension star swept his brow slightly furrowed, but never again have to delay, bayan forward imaginary grip.

palm falling direction, moving in the void bō, Yan Jingnu sè moon face was forcibly taken to, did not resist the power of the slightest, then directly into the hands of Xiao Chen.

hand grasp swallow the moon, leaving less nv clinging to his waist, one hand stretched out xiaochen to strange no direct grabbed bō Black Sea.

whole dark sea, under the grip of a sudden violent shock dàng up, just like the horror of the tsunami rolling crust formation, raging emotion and momentum shaking. Piansi Under this sea, there is a section of the evil Jiao somersault!


xiaochen low hum mouth, caught off the palm upward pull fiercely, suddenly there is a cottony clouds of black energy rises directly from the sea, he forcibly taken away, despite how violent struggle, they can not escape the slightest.

readily take off empty, black flocculent peristaltic fusion power as a group, a point quickly tossed violently separated from the center to the periphery, and seems to dissolve the space actually form one black sè channel, dark light, I do not know ultimately leading to where.

step by step down, Xiao Chen and Cheng and Yan moon with direct access to one of the two men, under the flash, disappeared in this giant black sè comprehension stars.

black dòng crawling quickly disappear.

Black sea was quiet, the entire space once again silence, without the slightest sound.

but in this case, the black sè sea, creeping rise in sea silently, quickly condensed into a man figure, look to the left in the direction XiaoChen, after quite a while, just suddenly disappeared, spilled into the sea.


burning King territory.

underground abyss, a figure Gaozuo baizhang size on top of the throne, a Unit jīng pure strength from the lava lake of fire department was forced to draw out of the body quickly to this figure rushing to make his entire body, all wrapped Among the layer of crimson flames, fire department will gods!

Suddenly, it bathed in flames baizhang figure suddenly open eyes, redness of eyes in sè, lù the shock, fear, despair, unwilling and other complex sè, suddenly got up, Yang first uttered deafening roar!


wave of terror force bō move to the center where he abyss, crazy diffusion in all directions!

In a moment, the burning of King territorial limits, all underground magma crazy storm – move, the ground cracked, volcanoes spewing lava flow crimson sè wanton flowing, raging flames soaring into the sky, a red-hot piece of the whole sky!

many are turning to the underground magma family of monks practicing fire mouth have exclaimed, by this sudden outbreak forces alarmed, embarrassed shè figure out vacant standing, watching the whole world into a world of magma, faces sluggish.

But the next moment, not wait for them to respond, blazing fire filled the void, the speed of a fast fade.

flames subsided, magma condensation!


moment, flames still raging in the world, but the fire department no longer exists the slightest force, from the ground spewing out lava, cooling at the moment for a variety of rock, exudes a metallic luster like the cold.

countless monks witnessed this scene of the fire clan, heart severely chōu twitch, sè directly into pale face.

champion territory, is the kingdom of God!

now the kingdom of death, then the burning of King die …

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